Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh, rosemary

Hello! It seems like it's been forever since I posted. School has been beating the life out of me three ways from Thursday and I have mostly either been not eating or eating broiled tofu or eating toast. Mostly toast. Toast accounts for seriously like 65% of what I've eaten in the month of November, though.) So much for breaking that habit via MoFo, eh? :/

Tonight I am actually making pasta. I think my first MoFo post was about my red sauce that isn't much like your typical red sauce at all. I'm making another variant of it this evening, which made me think to post. But what really got me here to write was rosemary.

Oh, rosemary. Fresh rosemary. How I love you! I really feel like rosemary may be my favorite herb. (Tarragon, too, but I haven't had fresh tarragon in years.) It seems like most vegans are all about thyme, but I really feel pretty ambivalent about old thyme. It just can't compare to my rosemary.... sweet, pungent, delightful, beautiful rosemary.

It's supposed to be more or less impossible to kill rosemary. I've found the stuff growing wild on the tops of Californian mountains in zones of 110 degree full sunlight.

Inspired by this and my love for the herb, I tried to grow it over the summer. It flourished nicely for about a month and then abruptly took a turn for the worse. All the needles turned brown and fell off. Such misery.

But tonight I have several stalks of lovely fresh rosemary from my CSA. I've probably put way too much of it in my sauce... as if there could be too much rosemary. I ate some on toast with tomatoes this morning. Nom nom nom.

The timer's going off, and I've forgotten where exactly I was going with the rosemary thing, so it's off to eat. Yay!

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