Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2/1/11 - We're baaaack!

Hey! Guess what! I've decided to food blog daily again. My long-term goal is to do it three months running, because I'm crazy like that. But my short term goal is just to get through February.

This is part of my ongoing healthier living attempts which I'll talk about some other time. You're going to have a laugh about that when you see what we ate today... but I can explain. Our kitchen sink has been out of commission for about three days now and we're trying to create as few dishes as possible. So eating things at home that require any prep at all is kind of out. It's a major bummer, but we're hoping the sink will be better soon.

Anyway, here's today!

Toast with tofurky!

A clementine! The Emperor loves these suckers and ate about 85% of this one. We split another one later in the day, and an apple too.

Crackers and coffee. Crackers for the Emperor, coffee for me. These crackers are really nice... they seem to consist mainly of sunflower seeds. I've got the huge urge to see if I can recreate them at home. To that end, I bought a cup or two of sunflower seeds from the bulk bins today.


Take out from The Red Pearl in Boulder Creek, CA. It's a pretty nice tempeh vegetable stirfry in spicy garlic hot sauce on a bed of brown rice. I asked for it extra spicy, and they delivered. One of the best things I've had from them. They're pretty basic Chinese food, but the service is excellent and the staff is beyond nice. We're glad they're just up the street from us for nights like this.

More tomorrow!

And PS, just because... here's your bonus picture:

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