Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dip'n'stuff (Early Days cont'd)

Phew-y, am I tired. I am coming to think that days that I send the Emperor to preschool (like today) actually end up being somehow more work than days where he stays home. Today I spent about 5 hours with the Magician strapped to my chest, and about 3 of those hours I was actively walking... and I am feeling it.

Wednesday is farmer's market day, aka grocery shopping day, and I like to try to plan something easy for dinner on Wednesdays because a) I'm often out until late-ish and b) groceries take a lot of energy. Back when the Emperor was littler, Wednesdays were usually hummus night. Because what is easier than making hummus and eating it with some cut up veg and crackers or maybe even some bread? Nothing! (Unless you buy hummus premade, but that's crazy!)

But I'm branching out a little right now, trying other dips. Cheating on hummus, if you will. Tonight we had straight up ranch dip from the recipe in Vegan Diner:

Dinner 2/22/12

Definitely not an every day treat (a double batch, pictured here, is an entire container of Tofutti sour cream) but very tasty. I should have put a little dill in it. We all liked this, even the Emperor. He ate a small serving of whole wheat crackers with dip, and then when he saw the crackers were all gone, he powered through a ton of cucumber slices. He tried one bite each of carrot and celery. We have to consider this a success, people.

Okay, I'm going to go collapse in a heap now. I leave you with a photo of the Magician and myself, taken earlier today:

Binkin' at the park

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