Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A week of dinners (Early Days cont'd)

Hello internet! I'm still live and well (and cooking!), just haven't had the chance to blog over the past week. It's amazing how much work getting one's laptop out and plugged in and whatnot sometimes seems... especially when one needs to save one's energy for important things like midnight diaper changes and staring at babies while they sleep and stuff, heh.

But I have been faithfully recording my dinner creations as they roll in, in hopes of eventually sharing them with you. Here's what I've made over the past week:

Dinner 2/1/12

Stirfry of mixed greens, tofu, and carrot served over buckwheat soba. Decidedly a let's throw stuff together meal, but it worked... the Emperor was mad as hell that there was so much "stuff" touching his tofu but he lived.

Dinner 2/2/12

Isa's baked oven fries (I seasoned mine with garam masala as my mother-in-law has trouble with hot spices so curry was out), patties made out of Gimme Lean, and yes, more broccoli.

Dinner 2/3/12

My favorite lazy meal... single serve soup. 1/4c whole wheat couscous, a tsp of broth powder, tbsp or so of miso paste, some protein (TJ's chickenless strips here), and greens to fill the rest of the cup, then pour in boiling water and cover and let sit for 10 minutes. Bliss.

Dinner 2/4/12

An awful picture of sauteed collards, homemade cranberry sage sausages, and whole wheat couscous.

Dinner 2/6/12

Smoky collards and black beans, loosely based on the collards in Papa Tofu. We had toast with it too.

It was great having my mother-in-law visit-- aside from the fact that she's wonderful company, she is also a super easy houseguest and was happy to eat my weirdo vegan food. She had collards twice in a week and didn't complain, which is more than I can say for the other people in my house. (Which is why I save mass collard consumption for while they're not here.)

Still waiting for Josh to upload his Disney pictures, but here's one he sent me of the Emperor that I liked... he looks so confused:

He looks puzzled

And one of the Magician* and the other thing I spent the past few days with:

Snuggling up with a good book

*he has an internet nickname at last!

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