Monday, February 13, 2012

Udon stir fry with peanut sauce (Early Days cont'd)

We're halfway through February already! Can you believe it? I keep writing dates starting with 1 and then realizing that we're way past that now... Next month I'll try to have a more cohesive theme etc, but hey, this month you get what you get. (Who am I kidding? This is a bit of a potluck blog to start with... you ALWAYS get what you get.)

Tonight was supposed to be my first night of the class I'm taking (a grownup programming class! 3 hours a week of doing something useful and not at all baby related with my brain while Josh watches the children! WOO!). Actually, it should've been the second night, but I was excused from the first lecture, so this would've been the first I'd have gotten to. But it turns out the instructor got sick at the last minute, so tonight's class was cancelled. Boo. I've been looking forward to it and feeling kinda excited as I actually managed to get all the work (including all the reading! yes!) done on time. Probably a first and a last. Oh well.

But, since I didn't have to go to class, I got to come home and make dinner instead. Really, I was excited about this. Here is what I made:

Dinner 2/13/12

Dry-fried tofu, sauteed kale and carrots, fresh udon, and peanut sauce. Yum. I wasn't 100% happy with how the peanut sauce turned out... I used jarred galangal rather than grating some fresh ginger in and I definitely tasted the difference. (You know what's actually really good in peanut sauce though? Minced pickled ginger. Try it some time!) Oh well, still quite tasty and satisfying. I ate two huge bowls, which kinda balances out the fact that all I ate the rest of the day was a Clif bar and a tofurky sandwich.

This is technically not a daily Emperor/Magician because it's a few days old but... it's what I've got! Despite spending the entire day with him, I didn't manage to catch a picture of the Emperor today. Isn't that weird? Guess we were too busy with adventures. Anyway, I think this one is cute:

You don't say!


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