Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baked individual hash browns! (Still Baking #10)

Today ought to have added up to a great day for me-- I had a wonderful long bike ride in amazing weather, I spent several hours doing deep cleaning/reorganization stuff that I've been trying to find time to do for months, and I watched old Project Runway episodes. But thanks to the crazy hormonal rollercoaster I've been on for the past week or two (after a fairly even-tempered pregnancy), I am just down in the dumps all the same. SO bummed out that I didn't even want to make myself a dessert to cheer up. So instead: baked potatoes.

But cheer up, internet. Don't *you* be sad about this. They're GOOD potatoes. Lookit:

Individual baked hash browns

They're the baked hashbrowns from Vegan Brunch. This is a recipe I've passed over several times because I always think "oh I already know how to make hashbrowns." But I love the idea of doing individual servings rather than one huge pan of hashbrown, and well, they're a baked item so what the hey. I decided to give it a go.

Baked hash browns with tofu & kale

I only made a half batch which was wise-- we ate them with tofu scramble and sauteed kale and despite our combined eating effort (the Emperor ate them too!) we still had 2 of the 6 left. They turned out really tasty, and I actually enjoyed them more than many greasy pan hashbrowns I've had over the years.

And I have to admit, there's something that always cheers me up about breakfast for dinner... I may not be back to 100% cheerfulness but I do feel a little better.

Here's the Emperor reading before bed. This is his FAVORITE book lately. I don't like reading it to him (just not that into poo related books) but he and Josh have a great time with it.

A favorite book (of his)


Anonymous said...

I think that would be my favorite book as well :)

Must make those hash browns! Must get Vegan Brunch, really. I have none of Isa's books and I think I am missing out big time, wouldn't you say?

Here's to a day a little less down in the dumps, my friend!

Amey said...

Sorry you're feeling glum, I'm sending cyber hugs.

Those hashbrowns look great. I've never even noticed that recipe. I'm freaked out by frying hash browns, so this recipe looks perfect for me.

Also, I too am not into poop, but that is a VERY cute picture of those two.

coldandsleepy said...

Cara, I have all of them except her & Terry's new pie book, and they're all good... I think Appetite for Reduction is one of my top 5 cookbooks ever.

Thanks for the good thoughts guys. Today was better!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I was at Trader Joe's today and heard your voice telling me to buy the soy vanilla ice cream. Pure bliss. It is so tasty! I put a homemade Oreo on top and was in sugar heaven. Thanks for the suggestion! xo
P.P.S. Will look into the Appetite for Reduction cookbook. I hear such GREAT things about it!
P.P.S.S. Bacon was my word verification. HAHAHA

CraftyEarthMama said...

Breakfast for dinner rules! Those hashbrowns would be nice for having people over for brunch.