Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mixed citrus galette (Still Baking #12)

Do you ever wonder why it is that no one bakes with oranges? I think about this often. It seems so weird when you consider that other citrus-- lemons, limes, even grapefruits-- end up in baked desserts all the time. But you almost never see oranges in baking. I think maybe it's because they haven't got that strong of a flavor, or perhaps they're too... watery? I don't know. But every now and again I like to make a dessert with them anyway just to play around.

I bought 5 lbs of navel oranges for $5 at the farmer's market yesterday... they're so sweet and yummy and good that the Emperor and I ate three of them between the two of us for breakfast this morning. I used another five (!) in this dessert so we're already halfway through our oranges. Maybe I should have bought 10 lbs after all.

Here's what I made with them:

Mixed citrus galette

It's a galette with a layer of mixed citrus (several lemons from our tree, a cara cara orange, and two navels) curd topped with slices of lemon and orange. The recipe is not quite right yet so I'm not posting it (also I am very lazy). It's yummy but just not spot on.... I think I would have liked more lemon and less orange and probably less curd over all. The orange seems REALLY sweet to me, though everyone else in the house thought it was right on.

It's a good concept though, and one I'll have to work on...

Finally, daily Emperor:

A boy, an apple

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Erin said...

Looks tasty, even if it didn't turn out perfectly. I still remember a pie you brought to a potluck at Amey's (maybe the first time I met you) which had satsuma curd, and it was amazing!