Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pizza night! (Still Baking #18)

Technically I think this only the 16th thing I've baked this month, but bear with me, people! Skipping days mixes me all up.

The Emperor and I had a great day today... library, two parks, visit to Josh at work, coffee date, long walk, long nap, all in one day (though not in quite that order). And then, as if that wasn't enough! We ended the day by making pizza at home!

Pizza night

Well, this is semi-homemade, anyway. The crust is the whole wheat dough from TJ's fridge section. It's topped with a little plain tomato sauce, a sprinkling of Daiya, and a sprinkling of TJ's soyrizo. Tasty tasty. The Emperor usually refuses pizza these days but he gobbled this up and kept telling us how much he loved it. I think he eats more at home on days he doesn't go to preschool... I think they must give him huge portions or something because I keep stuffing food in him and he keeps asking for more.

Here's a random picture of him during out adventures today:

Fountain fingers

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