Sunday, October 18, 2009

MoFo Day 11: A Food Meme

I'm too tired to think of anything thoughtful to write about, so instead!  How about a food meme or two?  Everyone likes answering questions!

Favorite food to crunch:  nuts, potato chips, celery
Favorite comfort food: soup!  Or a baked potato.
Favorite picnic lunch:  sushi makes a surprisingly good picnic food.
Favorite food scene in a movie:  it's weird, but I honestly can't think of any food scenes in any movies!
Favorite food related lyrics:  "life is too short to let it go to waste like this/but I never tasted jam before that tastes like this/yeah, life is too short to refrain from eating jam out of the jar." - Jam Eater Blues, by the Mountain Goats
Best food smell memory:  the smell of hot apple cider always reminds me of winter trips to the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA when I was a kid.
Favorite summer snack:  tomatoes (which I like to eat whole, like candy!), nectarines, pluots, beer
Favorite winter snack:  persimmons!  cookies!
Food that reminds me of the ocean:  Seaweed salad.
Most likely to eat for lunch:  Nothing.  I am a terrible, terrible lunch skipper.
Least likely to eat for lunch:  Anything that involves significant preparation.
Makes me literally gag:  Uncooked onions.
Food tradition I love:  Pies on Thanksgiving.  My family gets a little crazy about the pies.  I remember being a kid and helping make Thanksgiving pies... we had maybe (maybe!) 20 people present and there were always at LEAST six pies.  You do the math people!
Food tradition I loathe:  Turkey on Thanksgiving.  Really, any meatcentric holiday traditions.  But that's no surprise!
Favorite wild food:  Berries!  Of more or less any variety.
Favorite medicinal food:  Licorice root tea.  It's really good with a little bit of lime juice added.  I know that sounds crazy, but try it some time!
Food that reflects my heritage:  Potatoes, I guess.  I'm descended from Irish people on my mother's side and Germans on my dad's side, and well, both of these nationalities are famous for their love of potatoes.  And I DO love potatoes.  But when you think about it, who doesn't love potatoes?  
Food most like me:  Parsnips.  A little bit weird, maybe a little bit of an acquired taste, but very sweet when you get down to it.
Favorite raw food smell:  Guava fruit!  
Soup or salad?:   Always soup!  Fun fact:  I hate most salads, because I hate lettuce.  Yes, really!
Favorite breakfast food:  Bagels.  Sometimes I waver on what kind, but probably salt bagels with sliced tomato on top.
Favorite ethnic cuisine:  Southeast Asian.
Favorite vegan ice cream flavor:  Mudslinger's mint flavor is really good.
Favorite type of chocolate:  Dark!
Favorite beverage:  Fizzy water, Diet Dr. Hansen's ginger ale, good beer, red wine
Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?:  Mostly I don't like peanut butter.  If I eat it, it HAS to be crunchy.  Smooth peanut butter is an abomination.
Food I hated as a child but like now:  The only things I hated as a kid and grew to like are onions.  And I still can't eat them if they have even a little bit of onion texture to them.  They HAVE to be cooked to a point of melty softness. 
Food I liked as a child but hate now:  I think I liked peanut butter as a child.
Weird food habits:  I like to eat many frozen foods frozen.  Like... frozen pizza?  I'll eat it right out of the package if there's no one there to stop me.  Also, I often prefer eating food components over eating composed dishes.  When eating anything that comes in small pieces (nuts, chips, pieces of candy, etc), I like to eat them one at a time.  Dressing put directly ON salad freaks me out-- I like to have it on the side (if at all) and dip.  Boy, I could go on for a long time about my weird food habits!

While writing this, I had to stop to feed the baby twice and to comfort him once.  Now you see why I'm behind on posts!

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