Monday, October 5, 2009

MoFo Day 3: Fruit of the year

Just a quick post today.  We went out and about for our first lengthy outing since Emperor Babykins' birth last Monday.  My husband went to the doctor, and E. Babykins and I went to have coffee with my friend who was also my doula.  That was good fun.  Her eight month old baby was fascinated by our little guy and kept touching him and bursting into this huge grin.  Very cute.

Sometime soon I want to do a post about pre-made vegan things that I love.  Peet's Coffee will be on there.  I have to tell you, of the 55 pounds (!) I gained while pregnant, like 15 of that had to be soy freddos.  

Now that I'm trying to decrease my fat stores again, though, it's time for lighter treats.  This brings me to the subject of the post:  my favorite fruit this year.  See, I'm from the east coast originally.  Not a lot of good fruit comes from my area-- we have some tasty apples, and that's about it.  Between the lack of deliciousness and the high cost of east coast produce, I never really got into fresh fruit until I moved to California.

Every year since we moved here, I've had some new fruit that I become obsessed with.  The first summer we were here, it was nectarines.  Last year, I had a lengthy affair with guavas and persimmons.  (Okay, that's two fruits.)

This year's fruit?  Pluots!

There's so much to love about pluots.  They're so little, just the perfect size for a snack.  In general, they're soft-skinned enough that I can eat them without cutting them into pieces.  (I can't eat things with hard skins without cutting them into pieces or else I shred my gums.  Yes, I am like an old person.)  And I love that way that they're kind of crispy when you bite into them, but so juicy too... I'm going to go ahead and say that eating a pluot is a truly sensual mouth experience.  

I think pluots captured my fancy in part because there are so many freaking varieties around here.  You've got your Flavor Hearts, your Flavor Kings and Queens, your Flavor Supremes, your Flavor Grenades... and that's just the ones I can think of that start with "flavor."  And they're all different!  Aaah!  There's no way I can possibly remember which ones I like best!  (Okay, not true.  The Flavor Supremes are my favorite, and not just because they're yellow/green on the outside and deep purple on the inside, which is awesome.)

So just about every week this summer, I've been picking out an assortment of different pluots every week at the farmer's market.  It's sad to see that they're all but out of season now.  I got a couple at the grocery store last time we were there and they're okay, but not in their prime.

Thanks, pluots, you've been good to me.  I'll see you again next year!


Zoey said...

Woah- I had no idea that they were a different color inside. I'll keep my eye out for these next year.

Anonymous said...

I love pluots!