Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My dog ate my MoFo...

Oh my, have we had an exciting 24 or so hours since I spoke to you last!  Emperor Babykins was awake and feisty most of yesterday, and then through some miracle (I consider it miraculous, anyway) he slept for TWO 3 hour chunks back to back.  I had to wake him in the middle to eat.  W-e-i-r-d, but sheesh, I needed that sleep.

There's a big rain storm going on in our neck of the woods.  Around here, every time there's a big rain, power goes out.  So our power was out most of last night and all of today up until about half an hour ago.  

We had our two week pediatrician appointment.  Emperor Babykins has gained 13.5 ounces since last Thursday.  Yes!  13.5 ounces in FIVE DAYS.  He's now up to nearly 11 pounds.  I know that's not really indicative of anything (other than his powerful appetite) but it feels gratifying to know that, well, I'm definitely feeding him adequately.  

While we were at the doctor, the power went out!  They only have emergency backup lighting in the hallways, so our exam room went pitch black.  Can't say I've ever had that happen to me before.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that we had a busy day AND no internet for most of it, so I don't have a MoFo post.  Aaah!  I'll do one this weekend to make up for it.  Pinky swear!


Zoey said...

Good job on the weight gain Babykins!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I love the title.
But this is a MoFo post so it still counts.

veganf said...

Kudos for Mofo'ing with a newborn! People thought I was a bit crazy blogging along when my 4th was born, but hey, you need to get that touch of reality via the internet when life revolves around a pink squirmy beast who can't enjoy your cooking yet!