Thursday, October 8, 2009

MoFo Day 6: Smoky things I enjoy

Brief post today.  Boy, am I TIRED.  I know, I know, you have an infant, what do you expect, lady?  Doesn't change matters.  I'm beat.

Since my brain can barely string words together at this point, I'm going to sort of half-ass it today and just give you a list of smoked foods that I love.  Some people probably think "aaah!  vegans never get any smoky goodness!" but those people are wrong.

Smoked things I love:

- smoked almonds
- really any smoked nuts
- smoked tofu
- smoked tomatoes 
- smoked portabellos-- actually one of the only ways I can stand portabellos
- Cheezly cheddar-bacon flavor
- smoky cheezy sauce
- homemade tempeh bacon  (one of the only forms of tempeh that I like!)
- Laphroaig - whiskey that tastes like bacon
- lapsang souchong - smoked tea
- pu-erh - not smoked, but often smoky in flavor
- smoked salt
- smoked paprika... oh, smoked paprika

I'm probably forgetting lots of things, but really, there is no reason to ever have to go without smokiness in your diet.

Real post tomorrow.  The mister made an excellent potato leek soup tonight and promised to either write it up or dictate it to me tomorrow.

By the way, we took E. Babykins to the doctor for his thrush, and they weighed him again.  In ten days, he's gained an entire pound!  He's added more than 10% to his starting body weight!  I wish weight gain was as exciting for adults as it is for babies.  It's good to see him thriving.


Zoey said...

Congratulations on the weight gain, that's awesome. I hope the thrush clears up quickly!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Smokey things are good. And you have Laphroig on your list!