Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MoFo Day 14: Autumn Vegetables and Tofu Roast

Towards the end of last year, I had the awesome opportunity to be a tester for Joanna Vaught, the author of Yellow Rose Recipes, one of my all time very favorite cookbooks. Joanna was working on a book that's now going to be a zine instead and I just happened to be in the first x number of people on the PPK to post in the testing thread. I tried out a lot of the recipes she posted at the time and mostly had great success with them. When the zine comes out, you better believe I will be pimping it out left and right and pointing out all the delicious things in it that I've tried before!

All this is just backstory to tell you how I came across the awesome dinner that I put together tonight. Autumn Vegetables and Tofu Roast was one of the test recipes. I'm not sure when I actually made it, if it was the end of 2008 or if it was 2009 already. But the sad fact of the matter is that I made it once and then aside from reheating frozen portions of it, I never made it again. Wah! I have thought about it a lot and recommended it to a lot of people, though, and finally tonight I got around to making it a second time!

Tonight I used parsnips, butternut squash, and yams as my fall vegetables, and fresh sage and oregano as my spices. I doubled the recipe, making roughly a metric butt ton of deliciousness. It's just finishing cooking now and let me tell you, my house smells delicious.

Anyway, you should follow the link to the recipe above and consider making this yourself! It's very easy. I managed to put it together while my gentleman entertained Emperor Babykins for about half an hour. If a lady with a crabby baby can make it, you can too! (Unless you're a lady with two or more crabby babies, in which case, sorry!) Not only is it fast and easy... it's also delicious... filling... and healthy.

And if you use all in-season produce from your local farmer's market or other source of cheap vegetables, it's cheap, too! A double batch (which is eight VERY generous adult portions) cost me about $12 in supplies, and $6 of that was the tofu.

Basically a perfect dinner in every way. Highly recommended!


Zoey said...

This sounds delicious and I am impressed that you are still cooking. Do you have a secret for cutting up butternut squash for this dish?

coldandsleepy said...

No! I wish I had a good way of cutting up squash. Every time I do it, I'm convinced I'm going to cut off one of my fingers.

It seems like if you had a nice big cleaver, you could just whack the squash into a couple of smaller pieces and go from there. But of course, being a vegan, giant cleavers aren't really something I use often so I don't have one...

Very frustrating.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

That recipe always delivers.