Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Link love pt 2

So a couple of weeks ago, two people simultaneously mentioned me in their Liebster roundup and I did one of my own. Since then, a bunch more lovely people have come out of the woodwork and mentioned me on THEIR lists. While I don't have the mental stamina today to make up another list of my own MoFo favorites, I did want to publicly acknowledge and thank the people who mentioned me! Because it really does warm my heart. Blogging is always nicer when at least one person out there tells you they're interested in what you're saying!

So thank you for the Liebster mentions from the following nice internet people:

allularpunk from Awesome. Vegan. RAD. - Go for the pictures! Stay because you can't be seen around town drooling like that.

Laura from Retro Vegan - makes the food I would like someone to make me when I'm sick, or really any time.

Richa from Hobby & More - another blogger with amazing food pictures. Innovative sweets (candied lime cookies!) and tasty Indian dishes too... yes please.

Jess from Cupcakes & Kale - does what it says on the tin! Go to see the salted caramel apple cupcakes (no, you didn't just dream that, they're real) and stay for the KALE.

I-don't-know-her-name-but-her-food-looks-amazing from Food Stains - her MoFo's been like peering through the window of the 24hr diner of your dreams.

I think that's everyone! (And nicely, this comes out to another five people... so I guess I did do another list of five, heh.) Thanks again for all the love!

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jess said...

hahaha, 'does what is says on the tin' - i love it! {although hopefully no one will be disappointed when my strict cupcake/kale them ends along with the end of mofo.}

thank you for the thank you :)