Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Where we've been, N through Z

We made it! Through the entire alphabet! I made a plan and stuck to it for TWENTY SIX DAYS IN A ROW people! For me and my kitchen, this is big. I did a roundup post of A-M already, and you can also see the entire A through Z as a nice orderly Flickr set. (Or see all of the daily Emperor pictures from this MoFo.)

For the purpose of not cluttering up the MoFo feed too much, I'm just going to recap the second half of the alphabet here:

NutmegWaffles with orange-nutmeg tapioca
N is for Nutmeg - Waffles with Orange Nutmeg Tapioca

OliveMixed olive-walnut spread
O is for Olive - Mixed Olive Walnut Spread

PortMushroom-port tart
P is for Port - Mushroom & Port Tart

QuinceQuince glazed black bean cutlets
Q is for Quince - Quince Glazed Black Bean Cutlets

RosemaryRosemary potato apple rosti
R is for Rosemary - Rosemary Apple Potato Rosti

SorrelPesto & peas (sorrel & snaps)
S is for Sorrel - Pesto & Peas (Sorrel & Snaps)

TurmericLaksa with fresh turmeric
T is for Turmeric - Laksa with Fresh Turmeric Pickle

UmeboshiUmeboshi onigiri
U is for Umeboshi - Simple Onigiri

VanillaVanilla bean pudding
V is for Vanilla - Vanilla Bean Pudding

WineSunday seitan roast with red wine
W is for Wine - Sunday Seitan Roast with Red Wine

XanthanGluten free quatre epices shortbread
X is for Xanthan - Gluten-free French Four Spice Shortbreads

YamChipotle sweet potato burger & tots
Y is for Yam - Sweet Potato Chipotle Burgers

Za'atarZa'atar crusted polenta on garbanzos & greens
Z is for Za'atar - Za'atar Crusted Polenta

Some statistics for the second half of the alphabet:
Favorite meal series of meals from the second half: Q-R-S-T was just a really great streak... I loved the quince glazed cutlets (a really good leftover), loved the rosti (especially as a leftover), was surprised by how much I loved the sorrel pesto (also a great leftover), and totally adored the laksa with turmeric pickle (amazing leftover). I can't pick a single favorite.
Least favorite meal of the second half: The only thing I didn't really like was the orange nutmeg tapioca with waffles... I liked the components but it was a weird dinner.
Number of ingredients I had never cooked with before this month (total): 12 (xanthan, umeboshi, fresh turmeric, quince, sorrel, longan, jaggery, kimchi, icewine, fresh horseradish, farro, bourbon) - almost half of my MoFos!
Number of ingredients I had flat out never eaten before this month: 6 (fresh turmeric, sorrel, quince (? not sure), longan, fresh horseradish, farro) - about 1/4 of my MoFos!
Worst chalkboard picture (second half) - port or wine. The port one just looks grimy and the wine one, "vanilla" isn't erased well enough and you can still see it written... upside down.
Best chalkboard picture (second half) - two way tie, sorrel & rosemary.
Number of pictures taken for MoFo, mostly trying to get 26 passable shots of the Emperor not including ones so bad I deleted them instantly: 1308

And last but not least (to me, anyway), best picture of the Emperor that didn't make it into the daily MoFo shots by merit of being taken too late in the day!

Viking hat

That's it! Thank you guys so much for all the love and feedback-- it really made my MoFo this year extra fun and extra special.

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