Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Seriously, chik'n nuggets & fries (Laziness #5)

Okay, okay, first dinner. Let's just get it over with people. I had meant to put something in the crockpot this morning since I knew we weren't doing anything tonight, but it didn't happen. I went straight from work to taking the Emperor out trick-or-treating downtown to coming home starving and so after discussing our options (there's plenty of good food in the house, but most of it involves like, peeling and stuff), Josh trekked out to the grocery store to find us something really lazy for dinner. Which is how we ended up with this:

Last minute dinner

Mmmm, beige food.Oh well, it was food. Look! We ate food (for some values of food) 31 days in a row and now my MoFo blog will stand forever as proof of this!

Thanks again to everyone who read along and commented this year. I had so much fun. Maybe you've seen in comments, but in case you didn't... I'm going to *try* to blog a bit more in the eleven months between now and next MoFo. Not making any promises, but we'll see. It really was a blast this year.

What else was a blast: doing Halloween stuff with the Emperor. For my last MoFo post, you are going to get BONUS bonus pictures. (Some of them have food in them. It's on topic.)

Pirate at productOps

Emperor in his pirate costume. This is after he spent all day at preschool in the costume-- we were amazed by how un-terrible his white shirt was at the end of the day though Josh was still referring to him as Filthy the Filth Pirate.

Pirate time is winding down

Here he is telling me we need to go back out trick-or-treating. Me: "I think we're going to stay in the house and hand out treats now." Him: "I think" (cocks head to side) "we go more trick-or-treat? Do more trick-or-treat? I think so."

Pumpkin peering

He only actually got about seven pieces of candy (and one cool eraser shaped like an ambulance) during downtown trick-or-treating. Seven pieces... probably plenty for him. I had him pick one piece to eat right away and he chose this lollipop. I read somewhere that these are accidentally vegan, just going to show once again that vegan doesn't necessarily equal healthy. Though in this case, it does equal adorable.

What we handed out

Speaking of vegan, we handed out little bags of pretzels as our treat. I was a little worried we'd end up hearing a lot of kids whining about this but no one seemed upset about it and we gave out every last baggy. We had 94 trick-or-treaters by the time we ran out-- at 7 p.m. We really only had our light on about an hour. That's nuts.

The Emperor was falling over tired by the end of the night. I feel him... what a long (but fun! but LONG!) day. Here's a picture of him (in his second costume, pajamas) looking about how I feel at this point.

Costume #2


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, waffle fries are a healthy and necessary part of anyone's diet! :) This post was so much fun to read--I got to live vicariously through you since our neighborhood has no trick-or-treaters. I still cannot believe you had 94 in one hour. That is a Halloween delight. Okay, just sitting here waiting for your next post...I'll be here. Waiting. :)

coldandsleepy said...

This is the first year since I went to college that I've lived anywhere residential enough to get trick-or-treaters.

We were SO unprepared for the onslaught. They just! Kept! Coming! Like the orcs and such in the Lord of the Rings movies. Wave after wave. Now I'm like WHOA, is this what it's like to be an adult handing out candy?! It was a little overwhelming.

But fun.

I wish people weren't so paranoid about non-packaged treats. I would love to give out homemade cookies or something.

Amey said...

"Do more trick-or-treat? I think so." Ha ha ha! I LOVE this. I'm going to use this trick from now on with Musty. "You make me vegan french toast? I think so." :)

Also, 94 trick or treaters!!??? I am so jealous! We had two doorbell rings - one group of 3 kiddos and 1 mini bumble bee. I really wish we got more, I love seeing the little ones in their adorable outfits.

also, I *totally* agree with you about wishing I could give out handmade treats. how sad. I would totally make cool cookies or who knows what. Alas.

Amey said...

ps. I love orange, and I love black, just not together! (although I did wear orange and black all day yesterday, because my love of being festive outweighs my dislike of the orange-black combo)

coldandsleepy said...

Okay... then I think we can still be friends! Phew.

Erin said...

Best dinner ever! G's outfit is adorable.

Nada said...

A little "beige food" never killed anyone! Love the emperor's costume, he's such a cutie. And I would have loved to get pretzels as a treat - I was (and still am) much more of a savoury person as a child so Halloween candy didn't really do it for me.

Anonymous said...

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