Friday, October 14, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Where we've been, A-M

Guys! Today is letter N, which means we are officially in the second half of the alphabet! Here is a quick look back at the first half, which was pretty freakin' delicious.

AppleApple crisp & coffee

A is for Apple - Apple Crisp

BourbonSpiced seitan tacos with bourbon reduction

B is for Bourbon - Spiced Seitan Tacos in a Bourbon Reduction

CarawayCaraway cashew cheese

C is for Caraway - Caraway Cashew Cheez

DillBaked dill mac'n'cheez

D is for Dill - Baked Dill Mac'n'Cheez

Eggplant 2Eggplant tempeh pot pie

E is for Eggplant - Eggplant Tempeh Potpie

FarroFarro with roasted squash and hazelnuts

F is for Farro - Farro with Roasted Squash & Hazelnuts

GarlicGarlic & greens soup

G is for Garlic - Garlic & Greens soup

Horseradish rootHorseradish dinner

H is for Horseradish - Horseradish Cream Sauce

IcewineLemon waffles with icewine-nectarine sauce

I is for Icewine - Lemon waffles with Icewine-nectarine Sauce

JaggeryTofu scramble on jaggery dosa

J is for Jaggery - Jaggery Dosas with Tofu Scramble

KimchiKimchi jeon kinda

K is for Kimchi - Kimchi Jeon

LonganLongan barbecued seitan

L is for Longan - Seared seitan in longan barbeque sauce

MushroomFried seitan, mashed tatoes with mushroom gravy

M is for Mushroom - Fried Seitan & Mashed Potatoes with Mixed Mushroom Gravy

For the record:

Favorite meal so far: either the longan barbecue or the bourbon tacos.
Least favorite meal so far: jaggery dosas with tofu scramble... both good components, not right together.
Number of ingredients I had never cooked with before this month: 7 (longan, jaggery, kimchi, icewine, fresh horseradish, farro, bourbon)
Number of ingredients I had flat out never eaten before this month: 3 (longan, fresh horseradish, farro)
Worst chalkboard picture: The horseradish one. I keep looking at it and thinking I should re-take it. What is with those streaks on the board?! Seriously gross looking.
Best chalkboard picture: Kimchi. Kimchi is so nice to look at.
Number of pictures of the Emperor I've taken in order to get 13 good ones to post: around 500, seriously! He moves too much these days.

On that note, I'll finish this post off with one that didn't make the MoFo cut but is still pretty cute:

Stolen tomatoes taste the sweetest

Okay! That's our recap! Seeya later!

PS: Happy MoFo hump day!


Anonymous said...

HAHA! What a perfectionist! I keep laughing at your compulsion to want to re-take the chalkboard pic of Horseradish. I do the same thing! :) P.S. Have I mentioned how much I love what you are doing for VeganMoFo??? It is so clever and it puts a smile on my face :) <--like that.

panda with cookie said...

Thanks for the roundup. I like the looks of that dill mac and cheese.

celyn said...

I love seeing the chalkboard and photos all together! The end of the month round up will be impressive.

CraftyEarthMama said...

Gosh, A-M all look so good. I wish it would all magically appear in front of me :)

Anonymous said...

i think all the chalkboards look great. they look especially amazing all put together!