Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Tortilla chips & cheezy salsa sauce (Laziness #1)

Hi again! Like I said yesterday, I am still MoFoing these last few days even though the alphabet is over. I have to tell you that in my normal life, I usually make dinner about 5 days a week... then usually we eat out for a late lunch/early dinner on a weekend day and Josh makes something the other day or we eat whatever's lying around that requires very little effort. So cooking something requiring thought for 26 days in a row was a little intense for me.

So laziness dinner #1 is a really, really, really lazy dinner. Cut me a little slack guys, I needed a break.

Here's what I did, on a tip I picked up on the PPK or somewhere else on the internet:

Lazy dinner components

Take a container of Wayfare Foods Cheddar Spread, put it in a bowl. Mix it with slightly less salsa of your choosing. (Ours is a local brand which we first sampled from the hands of Mrs. A. herself. Sweet older ladies are always selling us stuff at the grocery store. It's a problem!) Not too much salsa, or it will get watery, which will defeat the point of even including the Wayfare stuff (which is mostly for texture). Mix together!

Eat with tortilla chips or, if you're less lazy than us, maybe some cut up veggies. (I was going to have celery but we're out of it. Out of celery! Yes really! And I could not bring myself to peel a carrot.)

It is not the most beautiful looking food but there's some appeal in that this looks so gross, it's got to be good kinda way:

Cheesy salsa dip

Josh and I were both happy to eat it. The Emperor wouldn't touch it. He had a Smart Dog instead (which he would live off if we let him, which we don't) and some plain tortilla chips instead. By merit of eating some protein, I think he had a healthier dinner than us.

Before dinner but after preschool, we went out to the local pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins. The Emperor had a blast wandering around and (eventually) making us pull him around in a pumpkin wagon. He became bizarrely attached to this little white gourd from about the moment we got there, and we're such suckers for a cute kid with a gourd that we let him bring it home... where he attempted to smuggle it into bed with him. No bed gourd, kid. Not til you sleep in your own bed anyway.

Grey and the gourd


Anonymous said...

Is it strange of me to say that within this past month of reading about you that I just love and adore your family so much??? I mean, you, Josh, the Emperor--you guys make me smile so much and I find myself constantly saying to myself, "Man I wish I lived near these guys--they would be so much fun to spend time with!" And I'm picky with whom I choose to spend time with... :) xo, Cara

coldandsleepy said...

Ha ha... thanks! I like you too! And if you really do head towards San Jose, Ameyfm is right, we should have a meetup. (Everyone on the internet has met Amey in real life, she's definitely not a psychokiller or anything.)

jessy said...

oh man, i was burned out yesterday too. it's alllll goood. sometimes ya just a need a break - and your lazy eats look fantastical! i'm kinda kicking myself for not thinking of something like this before. i know where i can get the cheddar cheeze spread and i'm gonna grab some and a jar 'o salsa to make it happen! mmmmm!

(OvO) said...

No bed gourd, kid! Between that line and Grey's articular burrito banter, you've made my night.

Amey said...

actually, that dip looks really good! I never get that wayfare cheese, but I like it. Also, I LOVE the little Emperor with his strange white gourd... and trying to bring it to bed with him. So Cute!!

Amey said...

also, thanks for backing me up that I am not a psychokiller!

Nada said...

I seriously need to find some decent vegan cheese in the UK - that dip looks crazy good! I agree - there's definitely some appeal in gross looking food, the junk food effect and what not.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...the 2 of you look like you could do a good job bounding me up with duct tape. Just saying...haha!! Trying to make it happen (the meet-up, not the kidnapping...)