Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Sweet Potato-Chipotle Burgers (Y is for Yam)

Just a brief post today. There are all sorts of fascinating things one could do for the letter Y-- yuzu, for instance, which I'd really like to find and cook with-- but I had some garnet yams left from a week or two ago that have been sitting around just waiting for eating.

Y is for YUM! Y is for YAM!


Something I have realized over the course of this MoFo is that I have a serious thing for orange foods. Pumpkin, squash, oranges, carrots, even orange bell pepper. Like 75% of the things I've pinned on pinterest have orange somewhere in them. If it's orange, my eyes tell my brain THAT IS DELICIOUS, EAT IT. And it's always right! Orange things just taste good. I wonder why that is?

I decided to use my beautiful orange garnet yams (which, by the way, are actually a sweet potato; but you never see them labeled as sweet potatoes around here so just roll with it!) to make the Chipotle Sweet Potato Burgers from Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet which is this week's book for the PPK Cookbook Challenge.

Here are the completed burgers with some tots:

Chipotle sweet potato burger & tots

Here's a view of the patties just out of the oven. You can see they actually turned more red than orange, probably because of the entire can of chipotles in the recipe, heh. But hey, I'll take it. There are still a couple of nice orange chunks in there.

Chipotle sweet potato patties

They were really tasty, but spicy. I've had horrible heartburn all day for no clear reason, and I was pretty worried about eating an entire one of these after the first bite. (Has not yet made my heartburn come back but check with me in a while.) They'd be great with something like vegenaise (which we're out of) or maybe the cool slaw out of AFR? They're quite yummy just on buns with lettuce & ketchup & mustard though.

The Emperor wouldn't touch them. He kind of sniffed at the piece of burger I cut off for him and then told me it was "really hot" without tasting or touching it. Quite insistent about this. I dunno, I guess they smell spicy. He did eat some tater tots and some lettuce though, so, take what you can get I guess.

After dinner we went out for a walk. Ah, I love fall so much, and tonight was about as good as a fall night gets in California... crisp and cool and lovely. The Emperor liked looking at the couple of houses that have pumpkins and other Halloween decorations out in our neighborhood. But what he REALLY liked was this leaf:

Love. Life. Leaf.

He told us repeatedly that it was "his favorite". Can't recall him ever using that word before.


Anonymous said...

Can I just come over and live at your house so you can teach me the alphabet all over again? Seriously! I feel like I will need to go back through your blog for the next year in order to fully grasp all the new foods that you are currently teaching me about. I bet northern Cali is having some beautiful weather too! I cannot wait to go up there in a couple of weeks to San Jo. Heaven on earth...

Amey said...

little emperor! So cute! I love yams/sweet potatoes so much. Those burgers look great. I've been wanting to make some veggie burgers for about 4 months now. Someday soon! :)

Also, hey Forkandbeans! Are you coming to San Jose?? We should have a meetup!

coldandsleepy said...

Yes! Meetup! Meetup!

And you know we always have a room in my household for vegans who know how to make candy, ha ha.