Saturday, October 8, 2011

Santa Cruz Farm Sanctuary Bake sale stuff

Okay, MoFo post coming really soon! But first I wanted to post the stuff that I made for the Farm Sanctuary bakesale in Santa Cruz today! The bake sale was amazing-- a really amazing variety and quality of baked goods. Sweets, savories, cookies, flatbreads, cupcakes, muffins, cakepops (!!!), krispie treats, cornbread, cardamom buns (!!), zucchini bread, pizza buns, scones, and on and on. Truly inspiring spread. I had to leave after about an hour (naptime called!) but I hear things went really well and we raised about $650 for Farm Sanctuary. Cool!

Here's the stuff I made:

Caramel coconut banana ghosts

Caramel coconut banana ghosts - based on the really beautiful white chocolate-banana guys (the one-eyed Willies!) on Fork and Beans earlier this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pumpkin carrot muffins with orange glaze

Pumpkin carrot cake muffins with orange glaze, based on a post on the Earth Balance Made Just Right blog. I have to say that the recipe as written REALLY did not work for me, but maybe you'll have better luck with it. I had to add a ton of extra soy milk to make the batter at all mixable and these really came out much more muffin-y than cake-y. Oh well. I'm over it.

Apple spice scones

Apple Spice scones from Vegan Brunch. These I actually didn't taste, but I made another variation on these scones a few weeks back, right before MoFo, and thought they were great. Mmm, scones.

It was fun to actually test out some other MoFo recipes! I had such a hard time deciding what to take because every time I turned around, I would see someone else post something else that looked really awesome. MoFo has been so much fun so far and we still have three more weeks guys! Oh man!

Okay, bake sale post over! MoFo post shortly!


Anonymous said...

Those little ghosties are the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...

by the way, my husband said those apple scones were really good!

missmuffcake said...

Yummy + cute! I have not been to Santa Cruz in like 18 years!

vanessa said...

Loving the banana ghosts! So creative. =)