Sunday, March 11, 2012

Falalalalalalafels (Return to Normalcy #11)

Okay, I totally failed at taking a picture of dinner yesterday, which kills me because it was great... a sort of "beefy" stew using some leftover red wine we had, a lot of carrots and celery, and some TJ's beefless strips. Oh, and 3/8s lb of shiitake mushrooms that I had from accidentally overbuying for another recipe. (Doh.) Yummm.

Since I don't have proof of it though (pics or it didn't happen!) I'm just going to go ahead and post tonight's dinner since we've already eaten anyway:

Falafel Burgers

Falafel Burgers. Another of Isa's recipes. They're as good as they look here... which is to say... pretty good.

Man I can't wait until tomatoes are in season this year. Hopefully it will happen before September, unlike last year. Grocery store tomatoes are so bad by comparison. This one today smelled okay at the store, and it looked great, but flavorwise, it wasn't worth the 70 cents I paid for it. Alas.

The Emperor didn't quite pick up on the fact that the falafels were made out of chickpeas (his deadliest foe of late) but wasn't into them anyway. Instead, he ate a BIG pile of cucumbers dipped in tahini sauce. And a little bit of whole wheat pita. Here he is looking for more cucumbers after he ran out:

More cucumbers?

And this has nothing to do with dinner, but here's the Magician after his bath today. Yup, he's still pretty cute.

After another bath

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