Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rigatoni and referrers... (Return to Normalcy #8)

Last night I made another of Isa's test recipes, Creamy Sundried Tomato Rigatoni with Broccoli. It turned out looking like this:

Creamy sundried tomato rigatoni w/broccoli

Pleasing on the palate. Quite tasty, and I say that as someone who doesn't really love sundried tomatoes. (I WANT to like them, but mostly they taste sweet and gross to me.)

So I go to Flickr this morning to see if anyone had left a comment on my photos since yesterday, and I notice that this rigatoni picture has gotten a LOT of views since I uploaded it. Almost 40. What? I check the referrers and Flickr has 36 of the views listed as "unknown." Not Google or other search engines, not internal hits from Flickr, not hits from here and not hits from the message board I posted it on. Is that weird or what?

Makes me wonder what other ways there even ARE of ending up at a photo on Flickr. Hm. Well, I hope those 36 viewers (or that one person who refreshed 36 times, ha ha) enjoyed their peek at Isa's rigatoni.

Nothing much else to say today, but here's my farmer's market haul from yesterday too:

Farmer's market 3/7/12

And here's my farmer's market companion, showing off one of his only skills (smiling):

One small smile

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