Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That's a lot of kale... (Return to Normalcy #13)

Tonight I made a soup that contained an entire pound of kale. A pound! Of kale! Now I have vegan superpowers or something. I didn't get a picture of this amazing bunch of kale I bought (it was over a pound and cost me $1.50... that is a steal) but here's the soup:

Lotsa Kale Stew

Not much else to say today. I was going to make bread (rainy days always make me want to make bread; why is that?) but ended up having a day full of social commitments instead. Not a bad thing-- I got to visit with a friend who I don't see nearly often enough, and then had a long long phone conversation with my sister (who I also don't get to talk to enough these days). But I was too engrossed in all of that to have the time for bread too. Maybe tomorrow.

I spent the rest of my day, when I wasn't lazily making soup or socializing, trying to catch the Magician's smile on camera. Pure folly, I assure you, but here's a short video of him looking kinda cute anyway:

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