Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Logistical Error... (Return to Normalcy #6)

So on Mondays, I go to this class in the evening, right? Josh has been staying home with the boys, eating dinners of Tofurky that I have lovingly baked ahead of time for them. (Yes, we are STILL working through the Tofurkys he bought after Thanksgiving!) Which is great... I get a little sandwich of leftovers when I get home and it all works out nicely.

But! It means that if I'm blogging the past day's dinner... ... ... then I don't really have anything to write about/post photos of on Tuesdays. Oh noooooooo! How will I get my daily blogging in? What will I write about?!

I don't really have a good answer, but I thought it might be fun today to hop in the wayback machine and look at some food photos I took when I first went vegan in 2007.

Here's one that makes me laugh:

sriracha = love

Just a dinner. Something I made for myself when I was in grad school and Josh was working late nights. So much has changed. 1. I no longer have time to artfully arrange anything on any plates. 2. I don't eat white rice basically ever. 3. THERE IS A PLACEMAT ON THAT TABLE! Oh, what a life of luxury I must have led back then.

Tiramisu cupcakes

Tiramisu cupcakes... ah, still looking good across time and space. These are out of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. That is seriously the book that got me into veganism... I wanted to be able to make desserts for a vegan friend of mine. Another friend of mine bought me this book as a Christmas present and jeez, look at us now.

And hey, look at me THEN:

Binary tree

This reminds me why I stopped cutting my own hair. (Which I started doing again last week. Doh.) Man, I loved that shirt so much. I wonder if I still have it somewhere?

$14 of produce

I've been taking these farmer's market pictures basically since I started going. Not a lot has changed there, except I supposedly only paid $1.50 for those carrots and I regularly pay $2 a bunch now. Oh, and those guavas must have been cheaper too... Sort of surprising prices haven't gone up on anything else in the picture. (But I do love cheap vegetables, so.)

So funny to look back and see that my enthusiasms have really only shifted a bit since then... more whole grains, fewer cupcakes, still plenty of trips to the farmer's market and lots of delicious things being eaten.


Hally said...

Look at little you! You're so pretty! I actually love your haircut in that picture haha! Those cupcakes look slammin' I'll have to try them out some time.

Lilah J B said...

Cute picture, I love that book as well! The tiramisu cupcake are my favorite.