Sunday, March 4, 2012

Salad! For dinner! (Return to Normalcy #4)

In true vegan fashion, we had salad for dinner last night. This is actually quite odd for us. I'm not a salad fan at all really. Reasons why I don't like salad:

1. I don't care for lettuce. It adds a nice crunch to sandwiches sometimes, but eat a big bowl of it? Why don't I just have a glass of water and save myself the chewing?

2. I don't like most dressing. Bottled dressing-- I have never met one I liked except for Hidden Valley Ranch in my pre-gan days. And even that, I didn't like on salad. Homemade dressings do much better, and there are some in my repertoire now that I love. (See: most of the dressings out of Appetite for Reduction, especially the Cesar Chavez!)

2.1. Even with a dressing that I like, I am freaked out by dressing being directly ON my salad. I like it on the side. So I can dip.

3. I don't really like when distinct foods are touching. Salads are basically distinct foods (things that don't really mix together when they touch; I can't give you a precise definition of this!) thrown in a bowl together. Don't like!

And yet I signed up to test this dish:

Ranch salad w/red potatoes & smoky chickpeas

Ranch salad with red potatoes and smoky chickpeas. Salad! Salad that called for almost an entire POUND of lettuce people!

And guess what? I loved it. The smoky chickpeas are exactly as advertised (they're chickpeas, they're smoky) and between those and the potatoes and the dressing (a beautiful creamy ranch made with avocado, which seems totally normal to me because I live in California and we put avocado in everything here!), this salad is an entire meal. Yummmmmmm.

So, yeah. We had salad for dinner. And we survived. AMAZING!

Speaking of amazing, my two favorite guys:

3 of us

And I'm in there too. First picture of all three of us together. (We still don't have one of the whole family-- who would take the picture?) It's grainy but I love it.

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