Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tabbouleh & tofu (Return to Normalcy #3)

So I'm calling this series Return to Normalcy, as my goal is to get back to my "normal" pace of posting once a day (well, it was normal a few months ago...). But it actually feels quite strange to me because I'm blogging early in the day (though not today) about food that I made the day before. That's weird!

And today's extra weird because I'm blogging last night's dinner and dinner from the night before. (I forgot the night before's in my Bundt cake frenzy! So sticking it in here too.

Here's last night's:

Mediterranean Overnight Scramble

It's called Overnight Mediterranean Scramble. I always feel conflicted about tofu scramble recipes-- like do I really need a RECIPE for THAT? Can't I make a scramble on my own? And the answer is that of course I can, but my scrambles are always going to have about the same steps and about the same ingredients... lots of garlic, lots of nooch, and some greens (spinach or chard or whatever) wilted in at the end. Which is great, but it's nice to have someone else's take on things sometimes.

And this recipe was so easy that it was actually probably faster than making my own style of scramble. Tasty, too, if you like kalamata olives. (And I do adore them.)

And the night before:

Tabbouleh of the Sea

It's called Tabbouleh of the Sea, and it's the first time I've ever made tabbouleh. The big surprise with this one is that the Emperor LOVED it and ate a ton. Yes! People! He ate things that were touching other things! Things that were all mixed together even! I'm so proud of him. He ate more of the leftovers too. Maybe there's hope for him yet.

And speaking of the Emperor, here he is holding the Magician. No infants were harmed in the staging of this photo... they were on the couch and quite safe. Less perilous than it looks by far, despite the Magician's expression:

Holding the baby

And now, with one child off to bed and the other being held by his other parent, it is time for me to exhale deeply and curl up on the couch for a bit.

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