Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harira and habits (Return to Normalcy #7)

First, a picture of some delicious food:


That's harira, a Moroccan stew thing. Last night's dinner and another of Isa's test recipes. It was really excellent and I ate more of it for breakfast. (Breakfast is the only meal I really care for leftovers at. Fun fact.)

While prepping dinner this afternoon, I was thinking about kitchen habits, good and bad. We all have them, right? I was reading a thread where people were saying that they usually don't peel eggplant even if a recipe says to. Not so for me-- I almost never care for the skin on eggplants-- but it got me started inventorying my own weird kitchen habits.

The bad: I almost never pick the green germ out of garlic unless I'm making a test recipe (or am really concerned about the outcome of the meal). I know it takes like 3 seconds per clove of garlic, but I'm really that lazy. Actually, I'm pretty lazy about garlic overall... my mincing technique would probably make most people who've ever cooked anything cry. What else? Oh, I often don't wash measuring devices while I go along... if I measure a teaspoon of cinnamon, I'll then measure a teaspoon of ginger with the same spoon, just wiping it on a towel in between.

The good: I've gotten very good at washing dishes as I go along, so that the kitchen's not much dirtier at the end of a cooking session than it was when I started. Definitely a positive habit. I'm in a great habit of actually doing all my mise/prep before I get started cooking things. Far fewer kitchen disasters/oh crap I don't have all the ingredients for this when I do it that way. Plus it just leads to fewer moments of panic, which is always good.

Speaking of kitchen habits, the Emperor is at the age where he picks up on basically everything I do... no fooling that kid. He has noticed that I take pictures of dinner basically every night. Lately I've been managing to take pictures right before he gets home from school (while there's still a little daylight left) and he gets kind of riled up about that. "Mama, take a picture of dinner. You need to take a picture. Don't eat, you need to take a picture!" Really funny. I imagine him some day going to eat a friend's house and finding out not everyone's mom does this sort of thing, heh.

Two for one special on daily photos today! Or um, maybe one for two? I don't know. They're both in the same picture, in any case. Here they are just before the Emperor's bedtime tonight:

Shock and awe?

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