Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scrambles I have loved (Return to Normalcy #10)

Well, if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that this month is really testing my resolve to post every day. Josh went to a tank museum today (long story, ask him about it!) which meant that the Emperor and the Magician and I had a Saturday alone together. And boy did they make a point of making it clear to me that my weekend is only one day long this week.

The Emperor's off to bed finally ("finally" at 7 pm-- yes, one of THOSE days) so I'm going to write briefly about last night's dinner and a thing I love dearly... tofu scramble!

Here's last night's:

This is a Thai themed scramble, one of Isa's test recipes. Really yummy. I made the bread too. It's a whole wheat olive oil bread.

My Thai Scramble

Close to indistinguishable visually from another of Isa's scrambles I made last week:

Mediterranean Overnight Scramble

Though they're totally different in flavor. That one was kind of Mediterranean. I didn't make that bread.

Tofu scramble on jaggery dosa

That's one from 2011's Vegan MoFo. Weird that we had tomatoes still in October! (Actually, I think we had tomatoes FINALLY in October.) Good lookin' scramble.

Tofu scramble, again

Here's a sort of grotesque one. No idea what the deal is with this. Looks like it had potatoes in it? I don't usually like potatoes right in my tofu scramble, so I must have had some leftover or something.

Big Fat Greek Scramble

Big Fat Greek Scramble from just a couple of weeks ago. Yum.

I do love me some tofu scramble but looking back through these has taught me something... tofu scrambles: they're not so easy on the eye, heh.

Two things that are easy on the eye, if not easy on the nerves:

Wild one

The Emperor pouncing out of the curtains to surprise me earlier.

Hope you didn't need that finger.

And the Magician gnawing on Josh's finger during a fussy spell this evening.

Phew. Tomorrow, I am looking forward to a quiet (I hope) day of doing homework. WOO.

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