Friday, October 12, 2012

MoFo #12: Pizza dip!!

Pizza dip.  Apparently it's all the craze with omnis, or was at one point anyway because when I found myself idly wondering this morning if pizza dip was a "thing" I found about seven million google hits for it.  The first ingredient is usually a brick of cream cheese, followed by a ton of other dairy cheeses.  Bleh.

Pizza dip? Pizza dip!

What is mine made out of?  Fairy dust and love.  Well, and some homemade vegan cheese (a test recipe from Isa's upcoming book!) and homemade olive pizza sauce and Lightlife pepperoni slices.  Yummm.

We dipped breadsticks made out of some whole wheat pizza dough I found in the freezer (score!) and some veg.  Here are the dippers:

Dippers on 10/12

It was so rainy and cold today, and I am still so unwell (the congestion has moved quickly into my lungs, so I feel like I'm breathing through tar, yuck), that a big ooey gooey bowl of saucy olivey goodness really hit the spot.  The truth is that I usually don't like red sauce on pizza at all, so I wasn't sure if I'd like pizza dip... so I'm pleasantly surprised.

Here I am out walking in the rain with the Magician.  He's still little enough that if I wear J's rain jacket, I can zip both of us inside quite comfortably.

Rain snuggle

Here's the Emperor on the same walk, holding... a watch.

Grey in boots

His tooth is still hurting him a lot.  I hope he's feeling better in another day or two-- I am so tired of soft food, and we have so many nice crunchy things (carrots!  kohlrabi!) in the fridge that I know he likes to eat.


Amey said...

Poor little Guy. I meant to ask how his tooth was doing. :( Also, poor little you - all sick and tired. double sad face. I'm never sure, when I'm sick, if it's better to have the rainy weather or the sun... I hope everyone keeps healing and feels 100% soon. love and crunchy foods to all of you!

kzcakes said...

Cutest kids ever :) I love your dips!

adriennefriend said...

I love your theme because I feel like at the end of this month I am going to have so many great new ideas for year-end holiday (and birthday) parties. I'm pretty sure I'm going to print out all of your recipes/experiments/guidelines/ideas and put them in my binder! :)

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