Friday, October 19, 2012

MoFo #19: Buffalo & Bleu Dips

Tonight J made dinner while I hung out with the children.  He made two dips we're very fond of but which are somewhat unappealing to the eye:  buffalo dip and bleu dip.

Buffalo & bleu dips

Personally, I like the two mixed together in what I think of as creamy buffalo dip.  Everyone else likes them separate.  I can compromise!  I made a little well on my plate where I mixed the two together and then proceeded to dip things.

Dippers 10/19

Like a ton of these vegetables... broccoli (the kind with the really thin stems!  the best for dipping!), carrots, celery, and kohlrabi.  

Big dang plate of tofu

And this huge plate of dry-fried tofu.  Mmm.

The Emperor is fully back in the swing of crunchy foods, for which I am very relieved.  Here he is noshing on a carrot:

Silly at dinner

And his brother looking very startled while gnawing on his favorite thing, the silicon pastry brush:

Delicious pastry brush

Happy Friday!  I'm out!


adriennefriend said...

I hear buffalo is one of the easiest sauces to make: just melt Earth Balance and combine it with Texas Pete. How do you make it happen?

adrienne at

Dawn said...

I love your dips theme and The Emperor and The Magician! :-)

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