Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MoFo #16: Nuoc Cham dip!

Today's dip is a super quickie that I picked out specially because I knew I'd be very busy this morning and wanted to be able to bang out a dip in 5-10 minutes.  The dip I picked out is nuoc cham:

Nuoc Cham dip

It's a Vietnamese dip that is actually a "dipping sauce"-- you can use it to dip in or you can use it as a sauce/salad dressing/condiment/whatever.  I'm pretty sure I've posted a version of it before for putting on noodles.

Today I actually pulled out my mortar and pestle to make it, because I am so tired of using the food processor that this seemed easier, ha ha.  Even doing it by hand, it took all of five minutes.  I put in some dried red peppers, couple cloves of garlic, lime juice & pulp, some super strong soy sauce I have, water, and brown sugar.  Quite good, and with a bit of a kick.

In the past I've put sriracha in it rather than dried peppers, and I think... amazingly... I like this one more.  Sriracha has so many other flavors going on in it that it can take over a fairly delicate dip like this.

Nuoc Cham with gyoza

The men will have it tonight with these vegetable gyoza from Trader Joe's.

Speaking of the men:  the small ones and I were so busy this morning that I didn't get any new pictures of them.  Wild!  That never happens.  Instead, please enjoy two I found on my camera that I hadn't uploaded yet.

Here's the Emperor enjoying his birthday present:

In the dollhouse

And here's the Magician at the pumpkin patch again:

One more pumpkin patch picture

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Fanny said...

That sounds like a dipping sauce just up my alley. And since I just bought a mortar, I'm bookmarking this!