Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 6: Tzatziki! (with kebabs!)

Though I would happily eat raw vegetables and dip every day in October, I know that my family would be a little less thrilled by that.  So I've been working on thinking about what else we can dip, and tonight I think I did a pretty good job by dreaming up these:


Broiled kebabs!  I whipped up a light marinade (equal parts lemon juice and olive oil, a tsp of salt, 2 tsps za'atar YES MORE ZA'ATAR GUYS) and then cubed up some stuff I found in the fridge:  a potato, a zucchini, an orange carrot, a yellow carrot, some cherry tomatoes, and some tofu.  Let it marinate for an hour or so, then popped them in the oven to broil for about 12 minutes, turning now and again.

To dip them in, I made a dip I've never tried at home before:  tzatziki!  This Greek dip (which is almost identical to Turkish cacik dip) is traditionally a combo of yogurt and cucumber.  I based my recipe on the cashew-based version in Veganomicon with a few little tweaks of my own.  It turned out delightfully:  smooth, creamy, cucumbery yet not at all watery.  Here it is:

Tzatziki dip

Paired nicely with the kebabs.  We also had some leftover multigrain pita chips and baba ganoush.  I only made 6 kebabs-- we're not usually big kebab fans-- and really should've made more.  We could all have eaten another one.  Even the Emperor really loved these.  Here he is picking off a piece of potato:

Mmm potato

To my surprise, the Magician really liked the tzatziki dip.  He generally hates anything that I have to put in his mouth for him... but he kept eating more tzatziki.  I'll have to remember this.  I mean, obviously he needs to eat more food!  Look at the poor skinny little thing:

Poor skinny vegan baby

Tomorrow's the Emperor's birthday party, so I'll likely either update very early or very late-- but there's definitely a post coming!  Happy first week of MoFo everyone!

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Amey said...

kabobs! I've got kabobs coming up on my mofo menu too... I love kabobs, but I have the opposite problem. I always make WAY TOO MANY. ha ha.