Monday, October 29, 2012

MoFo #28: Peanut Butter Mousse

Okay, remember back when I did the chocolate mousse?  Well, I have something sad to admit about it: it wasn't very good.  When I tried it the next day, it was all weird and grainy.  I kept eating at it for most of the week, trying various things in it, and the texture was just so bad.  (I even let the Emperor have a taste and he was like, um, yuck.  He never turns down chocolate, so I knew it was really that bad.)

I was bummed that what is reportedly the easiest vegan recipe ever didn't work out for me, so I decided to try again.  With peanut butter this time.

Peanut butter mousse dip

Vegan peanut butter mousse is even easier than chocolate mousse.  Literally all I did to make it was mix a box of silken tofu, 1/2c of peanut butter, 2 tsps of powdered sugar (for a hint of sweetness and to thicken it a little), 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 2 tbsps soy milk in the food processor for about 5 minutes.  The result is a smooth and creamy peanut butter whip that's quite good for dipping in.

We had it for dinner, because it's just that kind of a night.  We dipped in an apple, a large pear, and a couple of these guys:

Chunky apple muffins

Some healthyish (whole grain, low sugar, low fat) chunky apple muffins!  Why is it that people can eat muffins for breakfast but when I say I'm having muffins for dinner, they all look at me like I've lost it?  Muffins for dinner = good.  Dipping chunks of apple muffin in peanut butter mousse = very very good.

Still lots of mousse leftover.  Not sure what I'll do with it all... the recipe made a lot.  I don't think it'll freeze well.  Hmm.

Oh yeah, pumpkins.  Did I mention we were up carving pumpkins until like, 8:30 last night?  For E, that's big-- he's generally falling over tired by about 7:30 now that he doesn't nap.  But he stayed up and worked on his pumpkin and was a bit crazy by the end but did well considering... here he is today examining his pumpkin:

Grey and pumpkin 2012

He was a little upset because, in his words, "my pumpkin looks crabby.  I don't want a crabby pumpkin.  I want a happy pumpkin."  Tell me about it buddy, we've all been there.  He stuck a bunch of My Little Pony stickers on one side of it and I think that's made it more acceptable to him, because he spent most of today handling the pumpkin and talking to it or about it.

Here are the rest of our pumpkins:

Pumpkin party

J did the teeny tiny one.  I'm the ghosts on the pale pumpkin.  Turns out I have some sort of skin allergy to whatever kind of pumpkin this is... I was burning and red all over by the time I finished the thing, but I do like to finish what I've started.  It looks pretty nice with a candle in it.  The bumpy pumpkin is the Magician's... I keep meaning to draw a face on it for him and forgetting.  He's a baby, he doesn't mind.

Oh, and the flowers there are from our garden!  We have a gigantic African marigold that started out as a tiny $1 transplant from a plant sale.  It's now about the same height as me (around 5 feet) and about as wide.  And covered in blossoms everywhere.  Unfortunately, it's been windy lately and the wind is really battering it-- these stems broke off so I brought them in and made the best of it.

I have no good segue at all to this picture of the Magician:

The food is taking forever to arrive

And I've got nothing else to say!  Good night!


Kittee Bee Berns said...

the itchy ghost squash looks like pacman, i love it! i spent over two hours carving a pumpkin tonight, they take so much time. i forget every year.


kzcakes said...

I have the same problem with easy vegan recipes sometimes. I have yet to successfully make whipped coconut cream. It just doesn't work for me!! Anyways Your pumpkins and kids are cute. Awesome theme. High Five.

Michal M said...

You had me sold at peanut butter! I'll definetly be trying this soon. :)