Monday, October 8, 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 8: Queso blanco dip!

Hey!  It's week 2 of MoFo and here we are!  8/31 of the way through 31 dips in 31 days!

(Actually, if you want to be technical about it, I've done 10 dips so far.  But there are still 23 more on my list, so good lord willin' and the river don't rise, we should end up slightly over 31.)

Tonight I actually made a test recipe for dip-ner!  Yes!  I'm still testing recipes for Isa Chandra Moskowitz's next cookbook, and she posted one that sounded so good and so in line with my MoFo theme that I was like YOINK.  Check this stuff out:

Queso blanco

Queso blanco!  She says you can use it is as a sauce or a dip, and of course you know which one I picked.  It's really mild and tangy and good.  If you've made the the Cashew Queso recipe on the PPK and liked it, you'll want to try this one when the book comes out!  It's similarly awesome, yet different enough that it's worth having in your repertoire too.  I already want to make it again and use it as a sauce for mac... *drool*

Also per her suggestion, here's a big bowl of homemade kale chips (just made in the normal oven!).  What's a year of Vegan MoFo without at least one big bowl of kale?

Nothing says vegan like a big bowl of kale

We had a couple of dippers of my own devising tonight too.  We took a break from cut up raw vegetables because, get this, we're out of them.  I started out the week with two bunches of carrots AND a big bag of baby carrots, three or four cucumbers, 1.5 big bunches of celery, two bunches of radishes, and a big head of cauliflower... and it's all gone now except for a tiny bit of the cauliflower.  Wow!

Mofo dinner 8

Anyway, since we didn't have much in the way of raw veg left, I instead made a batch of baked potato skins and some chickpea nuggets.  The potato skins + nuggets + queso kinda transported me back to superbowl parties I was dragged to in my youth... except I kinda liked this one.  Oh, we had watermelon the table too-- not to dip!  (Watermelon plus queso?!  Oh no no.)

The melon was really for the Emperor's party, but we were all so stuffed from dip + cake that we never cut it up.  Then Josh dropped it on the counter and it had to be cut up right away... so why not have some with dinner?  It was such a nice summery treat on a lovely fall day...

Here's the Emperor out enjoying the lovely weather today:

Just resting a moment on our walk

And here's the Magician doing what I'd like to be doing now:

Mister squish


panda with cookie said...

Yes to this with potato skins. Yes indeed.

Amey said...

oh, I love this post. I saw that watermelon and I was kinda FREAKED OUT that you were going to dip it into the queso. Phew. I'm glad that didn't happen. Amazing that you have plowed through so many veggies. Evidently, dip-ner (Love it!) is a great way to eat your veggies. We had a dipner tonight too, I thought of you!

Erin said...

That looks seriously amazing, potato skins sound perfect for it!

kimbelina said...

Potato skins sound intriguing with the dip. Would you mind sharing how you prepare them since I am completely clueless?