Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 1: Weeeeee're back!

Oh, dear food blog... it's been so long. My MoFo last year really fizzled out (life got crazier!) but I'm back and this year will hopefully be the best one yet.

Reason #1 this will be the best MoFo ever:
This year I have a THEME!

Reason #2 this will be the best MoFo ever:
This year there will be PICTURES!

Reason #3 this will be the best MoFo ever:
Emperor Babykins is even cuter than he used to be!

And actually these three are all closely related.

Hands down, the question I hear most as a vegan is "but what do you EAT?!" Now that I have a little vegan baby (well, toddler!), I frequently hear a slight variation of this. "But what does he EAT?!" I mean, anyone looking at my kid or I knows we're not starving to death... maybe that's where the mystery comes from. We're obviously eating something!

So this year, my theme is "what does a vegan toddler eat?" Since he generally eats little bites of whatever I eat, this is also a log of what I'm eating.

To make it more fun (and to make it so I have to write less, ha ha), I'm trying to take pictures of (almost) everything we eat together.

Without further ado, here's day 1!

What is it: Whole wheat sesame with New Delhi spread (tofu-cashew spread with turmeric, apples, scallions, and other yummies) from The Bagelry.
My thoughts: Delicious as always! If I had the money, I expect I could live off of Bagelry bagels.
Emperor's reaction: He ate a little bite of the bagel itself, one bite of the tofu-y part of the spread, and one apple chunk out of the spread. He seemed to like it but wasn't clamoring for more.

And here's J eating his bagel-- half guacamole and half hummus on a salt bagel. Mmmm. The Emperor ate a tiny bite of the guac... he loves avocado as much as I do.

What is it: an apple! Maybe a... mutsu? I always mean to write down which ones I like but I never ever do.
My thoughts: this is one of three, three, THREE apples that the Emperor and I ate together today. We went to Peet's to have coffee (not pictured; just an iced coffee with a splash of soymilk), I was starving and he was fussy, and there were no vegan cookies today! Aaaaaaaaah! But luckily, I stuck this little guy in my bag this mornig, so we had something to snack on. Apples, they're a lifesaver!
Emperor's reaction: Lately when you give him apple, he chews it up really thoroughly and then spits 90% of it back out and laughs. Drives me crazy. That's exactly what he did with the 3 or 4 big bites he had of this apple.

What is it: WholeSoy Cherry soy yogurt and New Leaf's tempeh noodle salad.
My thoughts: DUDE! The WholeSoy yogurt is on sale, 30 cents cheaper per container than usual. This is the ONLY brand of soy yogurt I like, so this had me pretty excited.
Emperor's reaction: He found this an extremely satisfactory lunch. He ate 4 or 5 bites of tempeh, a huge mouthful of noodles, and about half of the yogurt. For him, this is an outright feast.

What is it: Samurai Snack Mix from the bulk bins at New Leaf.
My thoughts: My favorite things in this are the wasabi peanuts. I can take or leave the rest of it.
Emperor's reaction: Loves everything in it EXCEPT the wasabi peanuts. He tried one today and was not at all pleased.

Other food not pictured: for dinner we had homemade corn tortillas with black beans, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, zucchini, and avocado. The Emperor ate a couple bites of avocado, three bits of zucchini, and one bite of corn tortilla.

He also nursed a ton. He's still probably about 80% breastfed at this point. No signs of slowing down, even on a day like this when he ate a lot of solid foods!


Anonymous said...

Awesome first post! LOVE the pics, too.

Happy World Vegan Day & MoFo'ing!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I LOVE this theme! So much cuteness!

Amey said...

oh my GOSH. So many super great pictures! I love it! I can't wait for more! Also, J and I have the same bagelry preference: half guac and half hummus. Except I'm a whole wheat garlic bagel girl. Mmmmmmm, bagels!

coldandsleepy said...

You know, I love The Bagelry's guac but I always forget about it these days. When I was pregnant, both it and the hummus were too garlicky (!!) for me to handle, so I got deep into the New Delhi instead. Hard to go back!

missmuffcake said...

Those cookies and potatoes look so comforting!