Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 13: Tiki drinks and moussaka!

Well, not at the same TIME, guys. That would just be nuts!

Our friends arrived safe and sound last night, and settled in to eat some Apple Pie-Crumb Cake Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance. We got up and had a pretty mellow day today... not a whole lot of food in it, but here's what we did have!

What is it: Apple pie-crumb cake muffin
My thoughts: You know, I am surprised to say that I don't love these. I find them to be a little dry, which is surprising since they have apples AND fat in them. Maybe I baked them too long? I don't know, I took them out as soon as a tester came out clean. Next time maybe I'll try putting in more apples. They were tasty other than that, and not much work to put together.
Emperor's reaction: He was just not at all interested in these. He was interested in crumbling them into crumbs... but not in eating them. Oh well, more for us.

What is it: a Hurricane from Hula's Lounge in Santa Cruz.
My thoughts: om nom rum. Oh, I do like a tiki drink now and again. It's been a long time.
Emperor's reaction: No tiki drinks for babies!

What is it: Sweet potato fries from Hula's
My thoughts: I love their fries. I wish the dipping sauce was vegan, but it isn't. (I asked once, and I think they said it's mayo based. Or milky? I forget, just remember it's not vegan.) Still, these fries are so good that I'll eat them on their own... by the fistful.
Emperor's reaction: He ate one or two and thought they were okay but obviously wasn't in love.

What is it: Spring roll salad from Hula's, and Jungle Curry Tofu Bowl from the same
My thoughts: If you order this at dinner time, the spring rolls are mixed into the salad. At lunch, they're on the side. This is a weird distinction, but I don't care. They're really yummy anyway. The mint dipping sauce is a little sweet, but good. The peanut sauce is nice and not super peanuty.

My friend Sarah got the Jungle Tofu bowl. I've had it before and love it, and she seemed to like it too.
Emperor's reaction: He ate a bite of tofu out of my roll and liked it. He also ate some of the mint dipping sauce right out of the cup, and he liked that too. Hula's wasn't a big big win for him though.

What is it: Moussaka! Moussaka! Moussaka!
My thoughts: Yum. I didn't put enough sauce on the first sauce layer, but other than that, superb.
Emperor's reaction: He ate a couple of bites of the topping (which I made with cashews rather than pine nuts) and liked it, but was surprisingly disinterested in the rest.

That's it! More tomorrow!


Amey said...

no tiki drinks for baby!!

i love the sweet potato fries and jungle bowl! that's just what I always get. If you ask, they'll bring you ketchup to eat with your fries. :) said...

Those spring rolls look delish, I love that moussaka too.