Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 27: Quality, not quantity...

Well guys, I failed at eating more things so I could take more pictures of things. It seems like mostly today I had coffee (not pictured). The Emperor seems to be feeling off and that kinda throws everything for me too. Alas.

But here's what we DID have! It was all really good.

Toast for breakfast. Rosemary potato bread with Earth Balance, and two slices of whole wheat cranberry walnut bread with almond butter.

Broccoli and crackers with Sabra hummus. We mostly make hummus at home these days, so it's kind of a treat to have store hummus sometimes! I like the Sabra stuff too. It's generally super creamy.

Stir fry! Guess who cooked this? You guessed it. This is J's creation. Very tasty, AND Grandpa got the Emperor to eat cooked broccoli, to which he has previously been resistant.

And finally, your bonus picture!

Emperor sleeping again.

I have to go pack to go home. Ugh. Don't wanna. (Especially since we're just coming back in three weeks... can't we just stay until then?!) Not sure what tomorrow's post will be yet-- we're going to try to push through in one day again, yucky though that is. More later!

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