Monday, November 15, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 15: Monterey food, and some bad news

Bad news first: I dropped my camera at the end of a long and lovely day in Monterey. And now it won't turn on. The good news is that this isn't my only camera, or even my nicer camera. It's my little dinky carry around town camera. So in the long run this is not the worst thing ever, especially since this camera is fairly new and still under warranty.

But I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the rest of MoFo. I don't know where the charger is for my nice (and very big) camera. I also don't have the paperwork for the broken camera so getting it replaced/fixed under the warranty is going to be a huge pain. And obviously I don't have the money to replace the new camera even temporarily. So I don't know what I'm going to do. This is really bumming me out because I have been having such a good time with MoFo this year and really thought I might make it through the whole month. :/

On a happier note, here's some food!

What is it: Cinnamon-nutmeg French toast with powdered sugar on top
My thoughts: I could eat the French toast out of Vegan with a Vengeance every day. It reminds me of everything I ever liked about egg-y French toast, minus the parts that I never liked about it (namely, how eggy it tasted). I ate four slices.
Emperor's reaction: He ate one bite then whined for a second. He then pointedly took the second piece, spat it out into the hand, held it up to me, then threw it into the sink. Break your mother's heart, why don't you?!

What is it: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a soy latte, and an apple.
My thoughts: I brought the apple (a Pippin) from home, and it was yummy. The sandwich was actually quite good, though I only had PB&J because it was that or a (I kid you not) $12 dry salad with nothing but greens in it. Hey, Monterey Bay Aquarium: you know I love you, and I like that you send a big message about conservation. I appreciate all the literature you have around about how much good not eating meat can do for the world.

But guess what? Having only about TWO vegetarian options on your menu amidst a sea of meat and fish dishes isn't really putting your money where your mouth is. Or your fork where your mouth is.

Emperor's reaction: He had two bites of the sandwich and one bite of apple. He was more interested in doing stuff at the aquarium than sitting down and eating.

What is it: Apple cider, rice and beans and tortillas, and a piece of orange cake from Tillie Gort's in Pacific Grove.
My thoughts: Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer in this post guys. I don't really want to tell you about how little my heart sang about this plate of totally unseasoned black beans and rice with two tortillas and the world's tiniest cup of salsa.

The hot cider was tasty, though not actually hot so much as lukewarm. The frosting on the cake was great, though the cake itself tasted like it had been out for a week.

I liked TG's a lot more back when I was a vegetarian and actually had more than two options on their menu.
Emperor's reaction: He was exhausted by the time we got here. He had two sips of my apple cider (seemed to approve) and precisely one black bean. Not one bite of beans, one single black bean.

I'm going to spend what spare brain power I have trying to think up a solution to my camera dilemma aaaaand hopefully I'll be back tomorrow, even if it's just with a text post.


Jackie Smith (the other one) said...

Monterey is still beautiful! Sorry about your camera. That's the pits. :(

Amey said...

oh MAN, what a bummer about your camera!!! bad! I am loving your mofos so much!! I hope you find a speedy solution.

also, totally good point about the aquarium. They really, really need more veg options. PB&J is good, of course, but also kinda lame.

Erin said...

The one time I went to the aquarium a few years back, I asked the guy working the burrito stand about their rice and beans, and he said they were vegetarian, so I got a dairy-less burrito. Don't know how sure he was about it, but at least I got to eat something :)