Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 28: Home again, home again...

I have to tell you guys, today almost defeated my MoFo streak. I am sooo exhausted. How can sitting in the car for 14 hours make a person so tired?! Then my laptop randomly stopped seeing the network even though every other computer in the house can see it, then Blogger didn't remember that I'd already written most of the post, and on top of that I couldn't find the card reader... whew. But I made it anyway!

Here's what we ate!

Breakfast at the Greenleaf Restaurant in Ashland, OR. Can we talk about the good things first? Good things: the breakfast potatoes are fantastic. The service is really good. Soy latte: very nice. Rye toast (dry, no option for EB and the only apparent jam was stuff with HFCS as the first or second ingredient, yuckers) was fine.

It looks like a great place to eat if you're an ovo-lacto vegetarian and probably quite passable for a vegan lunch or dinner.

But breakfast. Oy. The only thing I could clearly see on the menu (and this is another poor point: while vegetarian items are clearly labeled on the menu, and the restaurant clearly has an idea what vegan means, there's NO indication what is and isn't vegan on the menu!) that was vegan was this tofu scramble.

And there's no two ways to say it. It was bad. It was a really bad tofu scramble. The tofu was not seasoned at all. It had every vegetable in the world in it, where I would have preferred a few really good vegetables. Also, and I know this is me, but I don't want carrots in my breakfast scramble. Ever. Or both red AND green cabbage. Disappointing.

Snack! This is the Emperor eating a whole wheat raspberry bar from The Olive Pit in Corning, CA. The Olive Pit is a store that is about 85% olives, 10% other snacks, 5% random gifts. And it has a little cafe. These raspberry bars are about the only non-olive vegan things in the place, but I really like them so it works out okay for me. He likes them too.

Dinner at home! Not a very exciting feast, but we're glad to be home after our loooooong day. Store bought hummus and baguette with an okay pinot noir. Passable fare for tired, hungry people.

BONUS PICTURE! Here's the Emperor observing ducks at Lithia Park in Ashland.

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Amey said...

hoorah! welcome home. A big bowl of hummus and baguette sounds crazy good right now. Also, I love the picture of the little guy with the ducks.