Monday, November 29, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 29: Pumpkin French Toast!

Is today the saddest day of MoFo? I guess tomorrow (the last day! already?!) will be, but... today I managed a scant two pictures for MoFo. Alas.

I always find the first day home from vacation to be kind of like this. I'm always a bit mopey and unmotivated. Which leads to not a lot of interesting food I'm afraid.

But here we go, here are my two pictures!

Pumpkin French toast! Recipe out of Vegan Brunch. This completes my pumpkin breakfast trifecta for the fall... I've now made pancakes, waffles, and French toast.

This was really good, though its texture tended towards the eggier, wetter French toast that I remember from my pregan days. Also, the seasoning is a little intense, which surprised me, because I usually think pumpkin swallows up most of whatever it's spiced with. Still very yummy, and perfect with maple syrup, which I don't usually enjoy.

Stir fry for dinner! Tempeh, kale, bok choy and soba in a miso-sake marinade. Guess who made this? That's right, stir fry master J! He could tell I was mopey and made me something good to eat... I think...

The Emperor loved this so much. He ate a ton of tempeh, a ton of bok choy, a ton of kale. The one part I didn't see go in his mouth? The NOODLES. He has such strange tastes for a little kid.

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