Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 7: Apple bars, apple cider, and arroz con soy curls!

I know, I know... the apple thing! I have a problem!

Can I tell you why I'm so into apples this year? I had all this dental work done since last fall, and I have been working REALLY hard at taking care of my teeth since then. Like I floss, every day, sometimes several times a day. And all of this loving care has paid off... not only are my teeth in way better shape, but my GUMS are much healthier than they were. Woot!

So for the first time in a really, really, really long time (over a decade for sure), I can just bite into an apple. I bite into it and my gums don't bleed and nothing hurts, I just get to eat a tasty tasty apple. You don't realize how amazing that is until you can't do it anymore!

Enough about me. More about FOOD! We didn't eat a big variety of stuff today, but it was all terrific.

What is it: Coffeeeeeeeeee! Love Buzz espresso plus chocolate hazelnut milk. Best latte ever.
My thoughts: Perfect.
Emperor's reaction: I heated a little too much hazelnut milk, so I let him drink a sip of the leftover bit. He definitely gives it the thumbs up.

What is it: apple oatmeal bars! Based on the raspberry oatmeal bars in Joy of Vegan Baking.
My thoughts: I used the crust from the JOVB recipe, then topped it with a mixture of unsweetened applesauce and the one apple I had left this morning. I wasn't planning on playing it fast and loose this morning, but we were out of a lot of ingredients and this is what I scraped up. And it was worth the gamble! Though this doesn't photograph wonderfully, it tasted great. We had it again for lunch.
Emperor's reaction: He seemed perplexed by the crust (what? you love oats!) but nommed up the apple layer.

What is it: apple #2!
My thoughts: Bland old grocery store apple. Tart and not amazing.
Emperor's reaction: He sucked the juice out and then spat out the chewed up bits. Oy.

What is it: mulled apple cider!
My thoughts: It's only been in the crockpot about 4 hours. We tested it out and it's okay, but not spicy enough. So I added more spices and will leave it overnight and reassess in the morning.
Emperor's reaction: n/a!

What is it: arroz con soy curls!
My thoughts: I love the original Arroz con Seitan recipe in Viva Vegan, but sometimes I'm too lazy to make seitan on the drop of the hat. If you already have the sofrito made, this is almost a 0 effort meal and it is so so so delicious. But... it's better with the seitan.
Emperor's reaction: He ate one soy curl, half an olive, three peas, and a couple of grains of rice.

Bonus picture! Here's the Emperor trying to help me with the dishes:

He loves that stepstool and spends a lot of time hanging out on it in the kitchen these days.

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trina said...

I just love your squishy baby! Thanks for sharing him and all the good food you guys eat. It's always so helpful to see what other vegan kids actually eat.