Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 11: More homemade bread! And not a lot else.

So last night I got the idea to start some more bread. I mixed it and let it do a first rise, and then I punched it down and left it overnight, then baked it first thing this morning. It ended up being so good that I didn't eat much else today. Oops.

What is it: Apple-walnut whole wheat bread
My thoughts: Really, really, really good. This is just plain whole wheat bread with a few mix-ins. I finally used up these dried apple rings that I got from Trader Joe's a while ago. Chopped them into little pieces and kneaded them into the dough, then kneaded in some walnuts and just a pinch of cinnamon.

I really, really, really like baking bread in my cast iron pan. My smaller cast iron is exactly the right size for a round loaf. The bread doesn't stick at all. The crust gets all lovely and crispy. And best of all... the pan looks even BETTER after you bake in it.

Tasty, chewy, filling. I had some with EB for breakfast, then some with PB for lunch, then some more for snack... and we still have some left. Good stuff.
Emperor's reaction: Did I mention that he's mostly over bread these days? I don't know if my bread is just really weird or what, but he really likes the bread I've made at home lately. He ate a bunch of this over the course of the day.

What is it: apple!
My thoughts: I ended up eating most of this. I think it's a Black Twig. Really yummy. I also ate the last three little crabapples.

Did I tell you that I bought another dozen apples at the market yesterday? I am planning on baking with some of them (maybe) but still... J doesn't eat apples really. So this is a dozen apples for one week... for me. And my kid.
Emperor's reaction: He had a couple of bites, but not much. I hope he's not over apples... I'm not!

What is it: Tofu, kale, and udon in a sake-miso-soy sauce.
My thoughts: YUM. J made this for us. It's similar to the dish he made the other day in the gigantic frying pan. It was exactly what I wanted to eat today.
Emperor's reaction: He ate some cubes of tofu and four or five bites of noodles. Win!

And that's really it aside from a coffee I didn't get a picture of.

But I do have a bonus picture for you! Here's the Emperor demonstrating that he's a hardcore vegan:

That's a block of uncooked tofu, guys.

Sorry it's a less exciting MoFo day than usual! Tomorrow should be exciting though. We have guests arriving very late. They're going to stay with us for about a week, which should be really fun... they're friends from the east coast (where I'm from, and where I went to college) who I haven't seen since I was pregnant. And of course, Friday is babysitting day too.


Anonymous said...

That bread looks delicious - I'm not surprised you ate mostly that for the day. And the noodles, yum. But the best yummy is the Emperor. I have to keep coming back to see that gorgeous baby. My boys weren't vegan but they would eat cold raw tofu when they were his age, too.

Jen said...

i think you need to change your avatar to that picture of him kissing the tofu. that is hardcore!

Zoey said...

I know you probably hear this all the time, but your kid is pretty much the cutest kid ever!! I love the picture of him kissing the tofu, that is the best!