Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 3: A quiet day at home

We had planned to head down to the farmer's market this afternoon, but J felt ill and wanted to come home from work early, so the Emperor and I ended up staying at home today. It's sad to miss the market... all that food and all those friends! ... but sometimes that's the way the (delicious vegan) cookie crumbles. Besides, I hadn't made my grocery list anyway, and now I don't have to get it done til tomorrow! Woohoo!

So today's blog is a look at what a busy vegan toddler & vegan mom eat on a day in!

What is it: my homemade latte setup! The finished latte is besides the oatmeal below. Aeropressed espresso made from Organic Mind, Body & Soul coffee, topped with heated vanilla soymilk and homemade no-egg-nog syrup.
My thoughts: Delight! I don't usually use soy milk in my coffee at home, and we don't actually even usually have it on hand. (I prefer almond milk for most drinking and cooking, and chocolate hazelnut milk for a really nice latte.) But we had an open container I wanted to finish up, so I settled for that today. Still a mighty fine latte.
Emperor's reaction: ha ha, no way Jose! The kid doesn't get the coffee! Mama worked hard for that latte.

What is it: apple #1!
My thoughts: We got our day started right by splitting this little red apple. It was the last one of the ten (!) apples we bought at the farmer's market last Wednesday. This one was very sweet and crisp, but not tart. Yummy.
Emperor's reaction: he liked it! He ate as many bites of it as I let him, and he didn't spit them out.

What is it: oatmeal with a pat of Earth Balance and a pinch of allspice.
My thoughts: tasty! I would have liked a tiny pinch of salt in the oatmeal, but I love oatmeal and really don't care what it's flavored with.
Emperor's reaction: He LOVED the oatmeal and ate 10 good bites of it. He probably would have eaten more, but that was about half the bowl and I ate the other half.

What is it: apple #2!
My thoughts: Suzanne sent us home with some of her lovely apples yesterday, and this is one of them. Quite tasty!
Emperor's reaction: He liked it, but as we ate it right after apple #1 and the oatmeal, I think he was getting pretty full. I ate the lion's share of it!

What is it: tofurky, mustard, and vegenaise on sourdough.
My thoughts: This is one of my go to super fast meals. I could live off of tofurky and vegenaise... it wouldn't be a very healthy existence, but there you go.
Emperor's reaction: He was napping and didn't get any!

What is it: sourdough toast with Earth Balance and nooch (nutritional yeast).
My thoughts: A really tasty snack that I haven't had in a while. Mmmm, nooch toast.
Emperor's reaction: He only really ate one little square. He's not as in to bread as he used to be. He'll only eat it if I put something good on it. (Really kid? Mama could live off of bread!) He liked the EB & nooch all right but he prefers mustard. Seriously.

What is it: Piggies! A.k.a. vegan pigs in blankets. Tonight we had some with Tofurky dogs, some with Smart Bacon, and some with zucchini.
My thoughts: J isn't feeling well and these are his ultimate comfort food. I love them, though we try not to eat them too often anymore. They're nice as a treat.
Emperor's reaction: he ate an entire piggy! That is to say, he ate half of a hot dog wrapped in half of a biscuit. Big dinner for him.

BONUS picture! Here's the Emperor working on his mad spoon skills with a bit of oatmeal. Doesn't he look awfully serious about this whole breakfast thing? He can put a loaded spoon in his own mouth, but he wants to spoon it up himself and... he's not great at that yet.


Jackie Smith (the other one) said...

Emperor is adorable! That is one beautiful vegan baby!

How many apples does this make? :)

coldandsleepy said...

We're up to 8 apples since the start of MoFo 3 days ago!

Jake and Alana said...

He always looks serious when he eats!

Megan said...

The recurring themes of coffee, oatmeal and apples on this blog are definitely what's going on in my house right now... and not just for breakfast! ;)
Emperor sounds like such a little character! I love the thought of him sneaking off with swiss chard. Kids are hilarious!