Monday, November 8, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 8: Cider, Bread, Seitan, Squash!

OH MY. The Emperor and I stayed home today and we did just a TON of cooking. Can I tell you how happy I am that he's getting to the age where he likes to play in the kitchen and I don't have to pay 100% attention to him 100% of the time while I'm cooking? It's really great.

What is it: Leftover Arroz con Soy Curls!
My thoughts: Delicious breakfast. J took the rest for lunch and left me this miserly little portion...
Emperor's reaction: ... and then this little guy was ALL over it. He ate about a third of what's in the picture. Sometimes he acts like brown rice is his very favorite thing on earth, and this morning was one of those mornings.

What is it: Apple cider oatmeal
My thoughts: You heard right! It's oatmeal... with cider in it! I usually combine a big scoop of oats with boiling water, cover it with a plate, and eat it after a few minutes with a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Today I got the idea to use slightly less water and add a couple of spoons of hot cider, since my cider was boiling nearby.

It was really incredible. Tart and spicy and punchy and yet... oatmeal. I could eat SO much of this.
Emperor's reaction: He didn't want any! I think he filled up on Arroz con Soy Curls and the banana that he proceeded to hide under his dad's computer.

What is it: CIDER!!!
My thoughts: Boy, sure shrinks down a lot when you mull it, huh? It's delicious, though... so good.
Emperor's reaction: He hasn't had any yet, but I think he'll get a sip before the jug is through.

What is it: Gorilla Munch cereal
My thoughts: Nooooooooo thank you. J loves this stuff and discovered that the Emperor likes it to, but it reminds me of crappy kids cereals I ate when I was a kid.
Emperor's reaction: He ate about 10 of these in a row, then threw the rest on the floor and shouted "uh oh!" a bunch of times.

What is it: Bread! Basic whole wheat (the loaf) and rosemary-thyme whole wheat (the boule).
My thoughts: Really, IS there anything better than freshly baked bread? Anything? I don't think so. These are fine loaves.
Emperor's reaction: He really, really likes both breads. He ate about half a slice of the plain one and most of a (small) slice of the herbed one.

What is it: crabapple!
My thoughts: So good. What IS a crabapple anyway? I think maybe they're just small apples. They looked so good that I couldn't not buy them.
Emperor's reaction: He had three or four bites of his (tiny, dainty bites) and then put the remaining apple in the sink. He loves putting things in the sink.

What is it: Seitan "sausage" cutlets.
My thoughts: These are a mishmash of a bunch of my favorite seitan recipes. I went heavy on the sage today because I thought it'd go well in the final dish (see below). I flattened them using the tortilla press, which worked wonderfully... so fast, so free of fuss. No stretching and pulling and all that drama-rama. Also, I baked them. Also, they're delicious.
Emperor's reaction: He likes them! I think this is the first time he's been interested in seitan ever.

What is it: Squashsage sandwiches with sunflower sprouts on top.
My thoughts: Squashsage = roasted butternut squash puree (with a bit of EB and a ton of white pepper) plus sausage-y seitan cutlets on homemade rosemary-thyme whole wheat bread plus sunflower sprouts equals sooooooooo good. All this work for a sandwich?? But a mighty fine sandwich.

Santa Cruz denizens: you're TOTALLY right if you think I stole this idea from the Delmarette! I did! At least the squash and the sprouts and the open facedness.
Emperor's reaction: He is really hardcore anti-squash these days. I don't know why. He ate a little of everything else but I think he was still full of bread from earlier.

Bonus pictures ahoy!

The Emperor tries to drink some water. Apparently he'd been in the desert for a while:

I know I'm biased because I'm his mom, but don't you think he's kind of beautiful:


Geek 3000 said...

You know we do soy milk instead of water for our rolled oats. Obviously any kind of "milk" would be good, but the vanilla soy, over medium heat and a covered pot... so creamy and perfect!

Erin said...

No, you're right, Baby G is very handsome! Glad to see you're MoFoing. I just added you to my reader, so I'll be following along. - Erin (Vegan Homemade blog)

Zoey said...

My husband once mixed gorilla munch with almond butter. My baby thought that was pretty much the best food ever- and I think she is right.