Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 23: ROADTRIP!

Guys, I am secretly on a road trip right now. If all goes according to plan, this should hit the internet about the same time as I hit my in-laws' house in Oregon. But I'm actually writing it ahead of time, in case we're delayed or just too crispy fried to post on the internet when we get there.

So you know what the best part of a roadtrip is? No, it's not 16 hours of This American Life on your ipod, nerd. The best part of a roadtrip is the SNACK! Being trapped in a car is the perfect excuse to nibble and nosh all the live long day.

May I present to you: our 2010 Thanksgiving drive snack feast!

Vegan pigs in blankets! Yesssssss! We were going to bring sandwiches and then decided to make a batch of these instead. It's our first ever piggies-in-the-car experience (foodwise; our (guinea) piggies travel with us all the time!) but I'm pretty excited.

Samurai snack mix! Rice crackers (Emperor, J), smoky almonds (J, me), wasabi things (J, me), pumpkin seeds (Emperor), dried corn kernels (everyone?). Something for everyone in here.

Vanilla almond granola. This is specifically for the Emperor, but I'm almost definitely going to steal a bite here and there.

Sesame sticks. Another one we all like.

Three apples and a pomegranate! (Three apples and a pomegranate walk into a bar, and the bartender says...) Yum.

Kale chips. Yuuuuck. These are for the boy.

Grapes! Mostly for me and the Emperor.

Yogurt! Again, for us to split.

Red Vines! J swears it's not a road trip without Red Vines. Being from the east coast, I always feel a little disdainful towards Red Vines... they're like Twizzlers, but worse. But I will probably see fit to wallow my mouth a couple of these along the way.

So there you have it. We've got enough food to feed us for like a week... and isn't that what Thanksgiving's all about?


Katy said...

Lovely snacks, I hope the highway was kind to you! I only had a 2.5 hour drive home today so my only snack was a some banana and some cold earl grey but I too listened to dear Ira Glass--did you catch "Frenemies" on your drive? On the way home I'm gonna listen to "Toxie."

Anonymous said...

We listened to, um... Something like 8 episodes. Fiasco!, 20 Acts in 60 Minutes, Babysitting, uh. I'd have to go check and I'm tired.

And for the record, Twizzlers are a crime against the very concept of licorice. Say what you will about the authenticity or hardcoreness of red licorice, at least it's not Twizzers, which are, as near as I can tell, a form of extruded low-density polyethylene.

Amey said...

awesome! I love car snacks on the road, but musty always insists on stopping along the way. After many years now, we have made our peace around this sensitive issue. I love those sesame sticks. Also, I don't usually get that into grapes, but I consider them a car-snack-staple. It's like a water bottle in grape form.

Safe driving, I hope you have a great time!

coldandsleepy said...

We listened to Toxie when it aired originally, and I thought it was a pretty great episode. I think we've missed Frenemies though.

We were in the car SO long that I lost track of all the Ira that went by though.

Earlier we played "how many sesame sticks can Grey fit into his mouth at once?" I lost count after a dozen. He LOVES those things, it's nuts. Amey, a dozen is going to be hard to beat!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

These snacks look awesome! Must make those pigs in a blanket when we roadtrip next month!