Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MoFo #17: Cilantro-coconut pesto

Tonight's dip is a bit of an experiment.  It's cilantro-coconut pesto:

Coconut cilantro pesto

Which I made by taking my favorite pesto recipe, replacing all the nuts with unsweetened (obvs!) shredded coconut, replacing the olive oil with peanut oil, replacing all the greens with cilantro, mint, and just a little basil.  Oh, and I put in a hot chile pepper I had around because, you know.  (That's where the nice red flecks come from!)  And I left out the nooch because that just seemed weird.

I was hoping for something halfway between my favorite coconut-cilantro chutney and pesto, and this is pretty close to it.  We ate... most of it.

For dippers, I made fresh spring rolls.  Here are the innards before I wrapped them up:


Some tofu, marinated in soy sauce and then lightly sauteed;  then carrots, zucchini, and breakfast radish sliced into matchsticks.

Here they are assembled:

Mmm fresh spring roll

Unfortunately, J was a bit late getting home so by the time they were assembled, it was like 7 p.m. and the natural light was gone.  Too bad!  They were pretty.  And pretty tasty.  Mmmm.

I'm falling over tired and I still need to put an hour or two of work into some stuff for grad school so yeah... I'm going to call it a day for now!


Amey said...

oh wow, that sounds - and looks - so good. I love all things cilantro and I love the idea of pairing it with coconut. Plus - homemade spring rolls!? That's so ambitious! You are a super star, rocking it with fancy dinners, 2 kiddos, grad school, and the rest of life!!

coldandsleepy said...

The spring rolls didn't take long to make at all! The hardest part is not ripping the dang papers... other than that it's pretty much just putting salad inside of wrappers.

adriennefriend said...

I am very embarrassed that I've never made homemade rice paper spring rolls. You make it look so easy! And tell me, truly - do you press the heck out of your tofu before cooking it? Because I'm not sure how it could look so firm otherwise!

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