Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas treeeeeeeeee! (Celebration #15)

GUYS! We got our Christmas tree today!

He's as tall as a tree

We didn't get THAT one, though it was hard to resist when the Emperor was standing next to trees basically the same exact size as himself. He had a ridiculously large amount of fun running around the Christmas tree lot, examining trees, crawling through hay bales, petting the dog who belongs to the Christmas tree guy, and shouting random things about Christmas. ("Frosty 'noman! CANNY CANES! KISSMAS TREEEEEEEEEES!) It was worth waiting for him to get home from preschool to get the tree and braving the traffic to get to the tree lot...

Speaking of which, we bought our Christmas tree from Christmas Trees for Recovery, a non-profit thing run by a community service organization that does outreach for low income people and more specifically to addicts & their families. One can argue the merits of a real tree vs a plastic tree, but I think it's nice to have the option to give my money to a local organization that seems to actually improve our community.

We did some decoration tonight-- lights and our flour/salt ornaments. I don't think it's "done" yet but it's a start, and actually it looks pretty good.

Mostly bare tree

Just the lights...

2011 tree

Ornament closeup...

I don't seem to have gotten a picture yet of the tree with the ornaments and lights on. Oh well, there's still time.

Speaking of ornaments, the Emperor was CRAZY about putting them on. Really just thrilled by it. He had so much fun. It totally reminded me why I was so gung ho about getting a Christmas tree this year.

Dinner was really a non-event due to the fact that I've had terrible heartburn for oh, about 24 hours now... it's not responding to medication at all (huge doses of zantac followed by some prilosec on the advice of my OB) and so food is about the least appealing thing. Forget dinner. Go back and look at our tree again. Treeeee!

Finally, here's a nice picture of the Emperor at the tree lot:
Boy by night


Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness, I can only imagine how much more fun Christmas is with a little guy like that! I was getting all giddy just reading about all the things he was doing at the tree lot :) I wanted to shout: SANTA! MISTLETOE! LIGHTS! ELVES! haha

Amey said...

yay! we got our tree too! Isn't it fun?? We still have to decorate it, but at least we finally got the lights up. This is going to be such a magical year for the little guy. I love that you are spending so much quality time together doing xmassy crafts and stuff. It's SO sweet!