Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Stars (Celebration #28)

Two points of business, people:

1. Today is my youngest brother's birthday. He doesn't read this blog, but that's okay: happy birthday anyway Mikey!

2. Today is also my second to last day of work before leave. I have to go back on January 3rd, but that's it. And I think I'm going to go in late and leave early on the 3rd so... this was basically my last real day. Is that not exciting? I am excited.

Both good things! While I am still feeling pretty mopey (Pingpong, life), I think both of these things merit some sort of celebratory action. Also, the Emperor told me flat out earlier today: "We need to DO a CRAFT, Mommy." Very pointedly. I think he thinks I've been slacking.

So we spent about an hour this evening crafting some little New Year Stars. I can't think of anything else that seems appropriate symbolism-wise for New Year's except champagne bottles and well, that would be a weird craft to make with a two year old. Stars are definitely more to his speed.

New year stars

Here are my stars, hung up on our holiday door. (The lovely card above is from Amey!) I just drew them out on cardboard, cut them out, wrapped the stars in tin foil, and stuck a couple of sequins on them. This seriously took me an hour because I had a lot of trouble cutting out the star shapes.

Grey's star

The Emperor's star. I *had* covered his in foil for him per his request, but then he decided to take the foil off. His isn't on the door yet because the glue's still drying. (He used a lot of glue.) In the time that it took me to make 3 little stars, he colored this star and covered another huge piece of scrap cardboard with marker scribblings, and he shredded a big piece of tin foil into tiny tiny bits. He works fast!

We had a really fun time and I'm glad I sucked it up and did something enjoyable with him.

Speaking of which, here's a picture I took while we were at the park earlier:

Mister Serious

Doesn't he look just super serious? Nice trick, kid.

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Anonymous said...

Chuckling. We NEED to DO a craft. Hahaha! Loved this. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mikey!!