Monday, December 12, 2011

A simple glass of soy nog (Celebration #12)

Hey, remember last month when I locked myself out of the house and had to walk downtown and was like "this sucks"? Guess what? I did exactly the same thing today. And it sucked-- I was already feeling physically worn down and pained and adding another half hour walk on top of everything else I did today was just uncalled for. My uterus is mad at me, my back is mad at me, my body is overall like "you have had a series of bad ideas, you know that?"

So anyway, VERY low key celebration today and very brief post because I'm just going to post this and then lie down (at 8 p.m.).

For our celebration tonight, we... had some glasses of warm soy nog. Yup.

Nog for everyone

A little nog for everyone. The Emperor actually only had two sips (of mine) and not the little cup I poured for him. I cut some Silk soy nog with unsweetened soy milk, heated it on the stove, and added some extra freshly grated nutmeg on top. Definitely a nice treat. It didn't relax me as much I was hoping but hey, take what you can get...

We had hummus and stuff for dinner which was not very exciting. The Emperor was in a very silly mood which was more exciting. He kept going back and forth about whether or not he wanted to eat a carrot. I think this is the closest he got to actually ingesting anything:

Carrot time

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Anonymous said...

Usually it's the first round of eggnog that gets you thinking, "Hmmmm, I remembered this to be better." Then it's the second round that you start thinking, "This is getting good now!" But that third round? That is the round where you don't even take a break while slushing it down. You even find yourself licking the cup...