Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wrapping presents (Celebration #18)

Can I tell you what is honestly one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season? Not just giving people presents (which everyone likes, including me!), but wrapping presents. And that's exactly what I did for my celebration today: got some wrapping paper and wrapped some stuff up!

Bag full of presents

I often helped my mom wrap presents for my younger siblings when I was a kid. I understood very early on that it was important to prioritize financially and get stuff for the littler kids for whom Christmas was still a magical present oriented holiday. That sounds like it ought to be sad or something, but wrapping presents for my siblings form some of the sweetest memories I have from childhood. There is such a joy in sharing what you do have, even if what you have isn't a lot.

Annnnyway, I am super excited about this being the first Christmas season where the Emperor really understands presents. (We are not planning on telling him that things came from Santa, by the way. Think we've settled on explaining Santa as a kind of cosmic postal worker-- the presents are from grandma and grandpa or whoever, but Santa brought them to the house.) Trying not to go nuts getting him things, and I think we're doing a good job so far. The presents in that first picture ARE all for him, but it's worth noting that four out of the five packages in there are um, socks and underwear.

I also packed up a package for my PPK swap partner, which made me really happy. I think she's going to like it! I hope she's going to like it! It was fun to put together. Her package came the other day and it's crazy, people... I want to post about it but haven't had the time to sit quietly and do it yet. Sneak preview: alder smoked salt and some crazy confection with pretzels and vegan marshmallows suspended in chocolate! OMG.

Okay, gotta cut this short, because I'm exhausted. You know who else was exhausted tonight? The Emperor. He didn't really nap today and he was just dragging by the time evening came around. Somewhere between 6:30 and 7, I noticed that his breathing was getting verrrrry noisy and sounding a little snore-y. Looked over and his eyes were about 90% closed. Josh asked him if he was sleepy and he mumbled "yeah" and just sort of slumped over, out cold. D'awww. Too cute. This doesn't happen much anymore but it's sweet when it does.

Don't believe me? Look how sweet:

Suddenly snoring


Anonymous said...

I love wrapping gifts too! (opening too) hehe. I enjoy thinking about each reaction that will occur once they open the present. I tend to make most of my gifts, and it's fun for me to think of each person and hold that image in my head while I paint. The holiday becomes more meaningful, doesn't it?

I can't wait to hear about your secret santa post too--that gift, holy cow, smoked salt??? WOW. Spoiled :)

jessy said...

i absolutely love wrapping presents. my parents always wrapped the presents and when i was finally old enough to get gifts for everyone it was my absolute favorite thing about christmas! this year i wrapped them with julie, our pup. as i wrapped them up i would explain to her the different wrapping techniques i was using. she seems mildly interested. ha! but yeah, there's just something about mindfully wrapping up gifts bought with love and thoughtfulness that makes me most happyfaced!

warning: the chocolate bark is dangerous. ;) it's got toasted organic almonds, sweet 'n sara marshmallows, and gluten-free pretzels. there was a bit leftover and dan inhaled it within hours. ahahahaha! i hope you enjoy the goodies and i'm crazyexcitedfaced to receive mine. i cannot wait!!! ppk swaps = the bestest!